Holly Lodge School Woods

Holly Lodge School Woods

We're raising funds to build a wooded area, so that we can enhance the experience of our cadets and provide a space for the school community

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We're raising funds to build a wooded area, so that we can enhance the experience of our cadets for their field craft lessons and overnight camps - join us and help to make it happen!

Remember climbing trees, discovering bugs, animal lairs and making a den? Green leaves changing to sunset reds and mellow yellows? The age of natural discovery, of learning through doing and having someone there to show you how.

We are Holly Lodge CCF and we want to create a wooded area within our school grounds that will not only help us with our training but also help future generations with their discovery of the world. A place where we can camp within the safety of the school grounds, but can also be used to provided habitats for creatures nesting places for birds. This will be a place of educational value to not only our school, but the surround primary schools that want to educate their students.

We will create an area that will have intrinsic value to the local community, where nature can return to an urban landscape. 

We invite you to be a part of this legacy - pledge £20 to get your name on a plaque on a tree. 


Our Vision

The wooded area will be used by the cadets for learn and practice their field craft skills, such as putting up a basher, cooking in the outdoors, camouflage and concealment.They can also practice basic tactical drills, such as how to set up an ambush. The area will also be available to the whole school and local community to use for camping, forestry skills and artwork. The area will be 270 metres  (30 metres  x 90 metres) and split into two sections. This allows us to have two different groups working and using it at the same time. The trees will be of different types such as Poplars, Silver Birch, North American Birch, Silver Maple and Field Maple. There will also be smaller shrubs grown amongst the trees. 

The sketch above shows the layout of the proposed wooded area.

The Impact

The creation of the wooded area will make a massive difference to the CCF at Holly Lodge.

We have very few trees at Holly Lodge so teaching field craft lessons can be difficult and not very realistic. When we want to practice the skills on an overnight exercise, we have to find areas that have trees and are also a safe environment for our Cadets to wear their MTP uniform.  This area will allow us to give the Cadets more opportunities to practice in an environment similar to that when they arrive at summer camp.

This area once created will be used for many years to come. As it matures it will only become a more used area. They will be more useful for attaching bashers for shelter and keep our Cadets safer. 

As our younger students at the school see the facilities we have for our Cadets, it will have more of an impact on them wanting to join the contingent in Year 9. 

The local community will also see that we would like to provide for them. Holly Lodge School and CCF is proud of its community and feel excited to be able to offer Primary Schools, Scout and Guide groups and other social groups the chance to use this area.  

We need everyone to get behind this project so that we can give our young people more opportunities to get outdoors, learn and enjoy themselves!

Holly Lodge School CCF

Holly Lodge CCF is part of Holly Lodge School , located in Smethwick, West Midlands. The unit was established in September

 2015 as part of the government's Cadet Expansion Programme. The contingent is currently 50 Cadets strong, with a part time School Staff Instructor and 6 Adult Volunteers. We parade on a Tuesday afternoon from 3:30 to 5:00, in which time we progress through the CCF syllabus. We have nine Cadets who have completed the first year of training and will be looking for promotion over the coming months.

For details on how to join our CCF unit, please contact: 2Lt Wyllie  Tel: 0121 558 0691


Our Community

The CCF here at Holly Lodge is enabling our young people to build life-enhancing skills which they may not otherwise have the opportunity to do. We are situated on the outskirts of a large city, where opportunities to enjoy outdoor pursuits have previously been somewhat limited.

This is a fantastic chance to enhance and enrich our students’ lives whilst building their resilience, teamwork and communication skills.” - Paul Shone, Head Teacher

"Sian has really been looking forward to joining cadets since her friend joined a year ago. Every Tuesday she comes home happy  and eager to tell  me  everything that she has done." - Helen Curtis (Parent)

Please tell your family, friends, colleagues and business contacts about our crowdfunding project. We need everyone in the local community to pitch in and support so that we can continue to get young people involved in the Combined Cadet Force in the future!


Thank you from everyone at Holly Lodge School CCF!