Hollie Collie's Cruciate operation

by John Slade in Callington, England, United Kingdom

Hollie Collie's Cruciate operation


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To assist in paying for treatment for Hollie

by John Slade in Callington, England, United Kingdom

Hollie Collie is my 5 1/2 year old tri-merle border collie cross, I got her in April 2014, 19 days after my previous dog died, And as you do, certainly in my situation of taking early retirement and needing to mitigate things, I insured her (with that cheerful dog company !!! ) from day 1 she always struck me as being a "stiff" dog but being young I guess she just had youthful exuberance, however by early 2017 it was apparent that all was not well, so I got her a few x-rays and the vet said it indicated she had what appeared to be early signs of osteoarthritis, which would possibly need anti-inflammatory treatment later.

However just before Xmas 2018 she appeared to have caught her foot whilst running, early 2019 she was still limping and not using her back left leg properly, another visit to the vets and another round of x-rays ended with a diagnosis of unstable cruciates in both back legs, and that her rear right was actually worse than the other one that she was limping on. I advised the Insurance company, got a claims form and the very good vet's practice submitted the claim and estimates of costing for the operation.

I am not a vet and am clueless on the technicalities of all of this, The operation has been booked for tomorrow 9/4/2019 which in itself I have found quite distressing, however, on Tuesday last week I was informed that despite having Hollie on full cover the insurance company were not prepared to pay a single penny as they deemed it a "pre-existing condition" Due to the 2017 x-rays picking up the osteoarthritis,

I am told that due to the unstable situation on the leg not being operated on it will also require the same procedure within 6 months, based on what I have already paid and what the first operation will cost the total is approx £9000, I am deeply embarrassed at doing this but that is money I just do not have, rightly or wrongly I have given the go ahead for the operation tomorrow as I cannot face the prospect of potential euthanizing her should her legs give way potentially at anytime.

I have never done this sort of thing before, nor have I ever claimed on any insurance before, it goes to show that my distrust in insurance companies was well founded. Whether or not you feel able to contribute or not, thank you for reading this, I am putting together a webpage on this matter and will provide it to anyone who does contribute to substantiate this appeal and add documents etc, Thank you

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