Hold Your Fire BBQ

Hold Your Fire BBQ

To help us start a BBQ smoked food truck for festivals and events across the UK.

We did it!

On 13th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £5,640 with 65 supporters in 28 days

Hi there!

We are two radio people (Darren and Tom) looking to make a leap into the world of street food by starting a BBQ food truck, and would love it if you could be part of our journey.

The Smoke Truck

We wanted to create a truly unique vehicle for our venture - a specially converted low loader luton van. This is where our smoker will live, along with all the other catering kit needed to run our mobile smokehouse.

Having had a chat with our supplier, we reckon we might be the first people in the UK crazy enough to put a half ton cabinet smoker in the back of a vehicle. It will allow us to rock up to an event and start smoking straight away, and you will be able to see exactly where your food is cooked.

What Will We Cook?

To start with we'll be focussing on pulled pork (which Tom has already worked out an awesome sauce for) and chicken wings (think crisp skin and juicy meat), all prepared using our gravity fed cabinet smoker.

We will then look to expand our menu, especially for private events such as weddings to offer a personalised service.

Who are we?

Tom Giddings

Tom is the engineer and tinkerer of the pair. His passion is in great food, and the fire to cook it with. He has taken great pleasure in filling his garden at home with barbecues, smokers, fire pits, and even a pizza oven.

For the past decade he has worked in either IT or radio, and is currently part of the engineering team at the radio station in which Darren works.

His dream is to pursue a life in street food. Having planned for the last few years he has finally decided to step away from his life as an engineer in order to get the food truck off the ground.

Darren Redick

Darren started his career in dance, as part of very highly-renowned companies around the world such as the English National Ballet and the musical ‘Carousel’ at The National Theatre.

In 2008 he made the decision to get into radio, and has presented shows at a number of stations over the years (including in his hometown of Washington DC).

He has always had a love for barbecue, which he now shares with Tom in the form of Hold Your Fire BBQ.

Why Crowdfund?

We already have provisional event bookings, recipes, training, and a brand - but we are missing a critical component, our smoking vehicle. Your pledge will help us reach our goal: Getting up and running, and smoking for the summer!

You can also follow our progress and ask us questions on Facebook and Twitter.


Pledge £5
A big thank you from us, and your name on the website!

Pledge £30
A big thank you from us, your name on the website, PLUS a free pulled pork roll or portion of wings from the truck.

Pledge £50
Previous rewards, PLUS your name printed on the van!

Pledge £100
Previous rewards, PLUS a Hold Your Fire BBQ t-shirt AND a 10% off discount card for life!

Pledge £600
Previous rewards, PLUS an invite to join us for a chilled BBQ day with Darren, Tom, and the smoker (we'll run multiple dates for this).

Pledge £3000
Previous rewards, PLUS your own event (up to 150 people) catered for when we're up and running!


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