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A selection of safe temporary homes for people who have hit hardship, homelessness, or have had to leave for their immediate safety.

by lisa hines in Magherafelt, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

** ME **

Hello, I am  37 yr old mother of two. I have always been an entrepreneur at heart and have a multiple of ideas that I would love to bring to market. I like to see myself as someone that finds solutions, solves problems and makes changes when given the chance to. To bring success, encouragement and influence to a world that is sometimes lost.

** WHY **

 I recently read a story about a woman heavily pregnant in the south of Ireland who was homeless. I found this traumatising to read. A mother to be should be worrying about baby names not where they will sleep. 

This got me thinking after I spotted an advert for modular units. They seemed strong, secure, and most importantly, reasonably priced. 

** WHO **

I just kept thinking, If I can get these modular units kitted out with bare minimum basics, it would be an amazing solution to desperate people all over the world. With so many struggling for basics, this would give people a chance to find their feet. Feel safe. Feel warm. Where they can be encouraged to find employment/education/support/social needs.

** LIFE **

No one person in any part of the world, should have to wake up feeling scared of the day ahead. No one should be denied the basics of washing, clean water or beds and somewhere to stay dry and warm. 

That's why I am here, asking for people to look in the mirror and ask you self, -


Not everyone will see others, not everyone will care about strangers. But I do genuinely believe, that if someone can help, they should, not because they are asked to, but because they can do so much more then what they think they can.

These modular units come with windows and a door. If situated in the correct areas around towns and cities all over the world, we can change the lives of those the world has forgotten.  


These units have such a versatile use for all people. From secure homes for the homeless, start out homes for youths to bring them out of care homes and learn independence. As emergency home for women and children fleeing domestic, sexual or religious abuse. Or even as a selection of units for elderly, to help those struggling with larger homes, unable to keep warm or use stairs in a community style environment. What is even more brilliant about these is they can be joined together to make larger units for larger families. The use of these is endless and there is a whole world of people waiting for mankind to fix whats broken.