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We want to create HOBOkiosk : the Pub, a place for grown-ups to socialise in a unique Cabinet of Curiosities. Fine beer, good Company.

We did it!

On 5th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £3,875 with 65 supporters in 28 days

Hello we are Delia and Tristan Brady-Jacobs

We run Hobo Kiosk and Hobo Bazaars in Liverpool's Baltic Triangle

Our shop has been a talking-shop for visitors for the two years its been open. We provide advice, directions and good conversation along with a distinct character of quirky weird and thought provoking gifts, home wares, clothes, records and emphera.

Over the last two years we have struggled to make our beloved Hobo Kiosk work and whilst everyone loves our shop and its unique atmosphere, there are just not enough strolling shoppers or footfall in our area. Instead of being in the vanguard of cool shops in the city's 'cultural quarter' we have seen new apartments spring up around us one after the other.  We either close down walk away from our commitment to the area and the people here, or we find some new way forward......


We think everyone loves being part of a community - local communities, city-wide communities, arts communities. Communities bring company, friendship, laughs and thought into our lives, giving vibrancy and animation to urban living. Pubs are great generators of communities, from 2 lovers in a booth finding time and space to discover each other to large gatherings forming new social movements, discussing great topics and finding new ways of thinking and working in the world. Pubs are places to arrange farewells, greetings, introductions, the occasional seduction or betrayal. They convey all the requirements for grown-up interaction -  including being places for just hanging and drinking and belonging.


SO.... we are going to turn Hobo Kiosk into Hobo Kiosk the Pub - a social place dedicated to the concept of community and suffused with the Beejay's take on design, character, charm and good company.

Hobo Kiosk will be a haven from the flash and dash of life in an ever-changing city... You will be able to relax into a booth with a good book, a notepad, your knitting, an old-time newspaper, one of our collection of cool old magazines, tell us a story or ask for information from the soul of Liverpool herself, Delia.  She can tell you where the best food, entertainment, beer and cracke is to be had - and where the bodies are buried!


We are working with local breweries on a perfect range of drinks.  We won't have many, but we will be ensuring that from the carefully assembled collection of handpicked beers, spirits and wines, there will be something to satisfy everyone - plus regular beer tasting events to sample new ideas from our friends and learn from them the secrets of quality brewing.  All the Beer and Spirits will come from within 30 miles to keep the miles and the cost to the environment down. But the emphasis is on simple quality!

 Coffee? It will be  fresh ground, locally roasted and  it'll be coffee. Tea? the best we can find and it'll be tea. Simple and well chosen ingredients for good times.  Food  - delicious, fresh and simple again... Music? discreet and handpicked to reflect the city and its varied cultural inhabitants. 


We have been part of the cultural and bohemian life of the city for all our adult lives. While it is tiny and snug we will be using Hobo Kiosk to explore the arts and culture of our city. Hobo Kiosk will host micro exhibitions and bespoke commissioned work - automata, art-dioramas, mini-shrines to forgotten gods, toilet-poetry, table collages and evenings of small perfectly-formed music, spoken word and performances - on the city's smallest stage. This will not interfere with the most important element of our project  - being a comfortable space for grown-ups to socialise and relax.


We will be opening from 2 - 10pm.

These times have been chosen to make us a place for after work, before you go home or after you struggle back.  If you're going out we are there before you begin, somewhere to meet up and to plan the night. After you have made tea, pop down for a small social time. We are not about partypartyparty and we will be closing before the wolves come out.

Hobo Kiosk:  Reviving the concept of social space for adults....


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