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by Dando in Ipswich, England, United Kingdom

Hobo Enterprises
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I am raising money to get my project in Business off the ground and started.

by Dando in Ipswich, England, United Kingdom

Hi There,

My name is Daniel, I am trying to get my vision off the ground, after turning 30 I came to the realisation that I wanted to go into Business for myself, after working in various industries for over 15 years in varying degrees of responsibility I want to now get out on my own and stop working for others.

I am looking at starting my own Personal Training Company with the inevitable goal to set up my own gym, I have many contact within the sporting industry to help me along but I lack the funding, I also have contacts in the Web Design area so I can make a website to make the company Pop and Stand out.

I am an aspiring Power Lifter and have found a real passion for the sport so I am wanting to get my Personal Trainer Qualifications so I am able to train others in the pursuit of their own dreams and aspirations, I would use the bulk of this money to set up the shop and storage for stock, also to pay for the PT Course and lastly for a newer vehicle to allow me to Travel to Deliver some of the orders locally to myself and to allow me to Travel to and from the Gym for Training and Teaching.

I hope that you can find this project worthwhile to invest in and any help is greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards


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