HMRC taking family home

HMRC taking family home

HMRC have alleged I owe them £25000. I have till next week to get Judgement set aside or lose my home.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

HMRC are threatening to make me bankrupt and sell my house for an amount I do not owe. They have based this action on estimates which were made for period whilst I was unemployed.

I have explained this but they will not listen. 

I have explained my partner has a life limiting heart condition and is not supposed to be too stressed. My step daughter suffers from anxiety and depression.  And sudden exposure to change could affect her and cause a neurological issue that could affect her for life.  She keeps her condition under control via medication and very hard work from myself and her Mum. 

Also HMRC have now started collecting the amount owed via my salary by putting my tax code to K11. Which means my tax free allowance of £11500 has gone. So they are collecting 200% of an alleged figure and have not informed the court of this. I have tried to sort this but they are refusing to compromise.

I am unable to secure personal loans as I was out of work for 18 months in the last  few years making me not very credit worthy.  I was out of work for a sustained period when our Son passed away. That makes the house more sentimental to us for that reason alone. 

This money will enable us to stave off the action and keep a roof over my families heads. We have 5 children and  if we lose the house will be split up and face uncertainty as to where we will live. Our I called council says it cannot take any action until it happens and then we will be on a waiting list with no priority.

We are begging you for help with this matter.

I promise this is  true and I can be found on Facebook or LinkedIn.