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Hair Maintenance By Helena's Salon on weels

Hi I am Helena Campbell I am mum to a wonderful 7 year old son, I am the CEO and founder of Hair Maintenance  By Helena and Natural Love Ltd.

Which is a mobile and homebased hairstylist company, which is currently based at my mother's house bless her for letting me use her living room and always supporting my hopes and dreams, Natural Love is a natural hair product company. 

I have been fortunate enough to have a lot of love and support from my dad  who inspired me to be my own boss and always has encouraged and supported me every step of my way.  I have  lots of auntys and uncles who are influential people who have always mentored me and shown me to dream big.

I have friends and family that have always encouraged and helped me realise my potential,  for that I am so thankful and so grateful.  :-)

I am a passionate caring and loveing individual who would love to help transform the lives of myself and many others. 


HMBH would like to create a unique company based on the mobile service that HMBH has been providing to people for over 12 years+ (plus the years tampering with loved ones hairs, or at break times at school with my elastic bands and comb in my inside blazer pocket haha)... 

HMBH has worked alongside many talented and inspirational hair stylists who have helped and inspired me to enhance the passion that I have had since I was a  little girl not only for hair,  but for the love of people.


How Your pledges would help :-) 

  • Buying a bus or van or motor home 
  • Converting the bus or van (with disabled access) 
  • Advertising and product branding 
  • Enabling people who need a mobile service to obtain the most  unique, personlised and intimate service (incapacitated, new mums, and I will do hospital and care home visits)
  • Buy the best products for my clients so they know the best things to use on their hair  
  • Accessories for the salon, hairdryers, climazones, straighteners, colours etc
  • Premises to further Natural Love products
  • Website
  • Bring a community together and give hope 
  • Help spread knowledge on natural hair products and natural foods
  • Be Nottingham's first  professional  afro-caribbean  and all hair types mobile salon
  • Create jobs and opportunities 
  • A platform for stylists to learn create and enhance their skills
  • Creating fun and opportunites for children in the Nottingham Community 
  • Inspiring people from all walks of life to follow their dreams and passions 
  • Help to expand to beauty (sister company Hair Maintenance By Kit) who also is an assessor and has the capabilites to teach 
  • Help a company to be able to have the capabilities to help others with their hopes and dreams.

Loving hair care for all 

 We cater for all hair types and conditions, we will be catering to people from all walks of life so we can be a friend to the friendless, help the heart, restore nature and revitalise the lost.

This is close to my heart because as I grow older, I come to realise the impact of not only doing clients hair but the freedom of a non-judgemental love and support that HMBH gives them as they enter our chair and how this can be so powerful to a person.

This is from personal experience how in the hardest times when you need that hope, faith and kind words of encouragement it can help pull you out from a multitude of problems and replace it with strength and courage.


At HMBH we would love to offer an exceptional service that they will cherish everytime they have a service, or at one of the many events or outings that HMBH will be a part of.

HMBH will bring love, fun excitement and care during our services  with plenty of passion and colour to express our personality, that we should embrace at every opportunity.

HMBH will always ensure we are helpful, sensitive and compassionate to every persons personal and individual needs.

We will give them personal consultations, that may involve taking clients to the  hair shop to help them choose the right products.  If Natural Love products does not sell it ourselves , I will touch on who Natural Love is further down the page.

At HMBH we have a genuine need to give our clients the best value for their time and money.

We will offer loyalty cards money off vouchers, competitions, weekly payment plans and many more as at HMBH  we love to give.

HMBH will also do pamper parties forming a partnership with Little Miss Party Planner.  HMBH will also do weddings special events and more.


"Teach them the way and let them lead the way to show them all the beauty they posses inside, give them the chance of life to make it easier, let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be" 

As I am a mother myself I have compassion and understanding of the childcare issues that we all face, at HMBH children will be welcome.  We  will partner with hope and faith clothing to provide inspiratanioal activity packs, fundays and much more...

 At HMBH we are part of the community and have been involved in starting a choir alongside Hope & Faith with an arts and crafts session that will inspire children from all walks of life and backgrounds. 


HMBH also has a natural hair treatment  Natural Love which is in the process of been tried and tested to sell on the market.  Natural Love will donate to good causes this could be from a family that has had a hard time and needs a break to a small upcoming business in need of some financial help advice and networking .

When Natural Love reaches £5,000 worth of donations we would like it to become a charity that people can also pledge so this would be able to grow on a world wide scale, so we can reach  people on a big scale which will create a bigger impact.

Natural Love always tries to think of environment so will be offering a recycling system when they bring the container back they will get discount off their next purchase once the have filled up their loyalty cards they will be given either money off products or many of our salon services.

Natural Love will go on to make other natural products this will include deodorants, natural cleaning products, natural drinks, jewellery and many more ideas that we will produce and retail.

This product has had a lot of positive feedback when used during my services.  I have noticed the Beauty and enhancements it creates for the hair, this then transpires within showing people that all god given natrual gifts are powerful, long lasting effects on the hair and the body.

Natural Love will also eventually offer mentoring and business building help and support for upcoming entrepreneurs which the world is in need of right now and many of us are following our purposes and dreams, this will create future jobs, passionate, purposeful people, opportunities and will combat the need to no longer dream but create beautiful realities for themselves family and friends.

XX About the rewards you will recive XX

  • Everyone that has pleged will be asked to come and sign the gratitude board in the salon once opened. 
  • HMBH /Natural Love will give sample products and services.
  • Hope and faith clothing will give an inspirational t-shirt for for men, women and children or a inspirational quote mug.
  • Little Miss Party Planner/Little Miss Boutique will give discounts off  parties, event planning, or a hand made skirt for children or adults.
  • Sells Devine Cakes will give money off vouchers.
  • So Cleshie clothing will offer money off vouchers.  
  • One Development will offer one Self Development Sessions.
  • BMBK will offer beauty treatments. 

Both companies would appreciate funding to get to the next stage.   We would be grateful for funding/donations for the things we need . We have only had a small hand out in our time.

But this one is out of my hands now it is for a bigger purpose not only to give myself, my child and family a chance of  hope, opportunities that my son can only dream about for now.  

The vision is  one that can help inspire enable and encourage so many  with all the things we will do,partned with other companies that have the same, love, passion and intergrity that  HMBH and Natural Love has. 

People need light, hope and encouragement in a trying times I am one of them.  Thank you very much for taking the time to read my pledge 

Helena Lynette 

(Founder and director of HMBH and Natural Love)

(Partner of United Ventures cic)  

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