A 2nd Updated Edition of HIV Happy

A 2nd Updated Edition of HIV Happy

My name is Paul Thorn. I'm the author of the highly acclaimed book HIV Happy. My project aim is to write and publish a 2nd updated edition.

We did it!

On 2nd Jul 2017 we successfully raised £30 with 2 supporters in 56 days

Who am I?

My name is Paul Thorn. I'm the author of the highly-acclaimed book, HIV Happy. My project aim is to write and publish a 2nd updated edition of the book.

What is HIV Happy?

The first edition of HIV HAPPY was published in July 2015. The aim of the book was to present a new philosophy for living with the virus, challenging some of the negative thinking people with HIV often have about themselves. Hailed as "step change in the way we speak about HIV", this ground breaking book showed how a happier life with the virus is possible. 
Through a guided process of self-examination I show the reader how they can change their thinking and happily co-exist with the virus. HIV HAPPY presented a simple methodology for living with HIV today, tomorrow and the future.

The book was received very well internationally. Here's what people said about it;

"While inspirational books saturate the self-help market, none delves into the issues of living a positive, fruitful life quite like U.K. author Paul Thorn's newest release, HIV HAPPY."  HIV Plus Magazine, Los Angeles

"I've read the book and I like it a lot. It strikes me that HIV HAPPY is quite different to anything else out there." Bob Leahy, Editor, PositiveLite.com, Toronto

"Dealing with issues of low self-esteem or destructive patterns? Paul Thorn’s easy, breezy HIV HAPPY is just the self-help pick-me-up you need. As it spells out 'Five Pillars of HIV HAPPY,' this small book could make a big difference in your life." POZ Magazine, New York

"HIV HAPPY offers a short and to-the-point, brutally honest yet much needed self-help read." A&U Magazine, New York

"Very upbeat, positive and a real step change in terms of how we talk about HIV. The Eddystone Trust, Plymouth, UK

"I just wanted to say that your book probably saved my life. I was very close to suicide, but reading your book gave me the push I needed to carry on. I just wanted to contact you and say thank you very much. So very, very much." Reader, San Marcos, Texas

You can see the HIV HAPPY Amazon page by clicking this link https://www.amazon.com/HIV-Happy-Mr-Paul-Thorn/dp/1505446759/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1479130051&sr=8-1&keywords=HIV+Happy

Why write a 2nd updated edition of HIV Happy?

Having seen the positive response to the first edition I want to expand on some of the original ideas that were presented and to write a completely new section about HIV & Ageing. The success of treatment to manage HIV is exciting, but for many surviving with HIV the future feels uncertain. Many never thought they would grow old (including myself!). I want to research this new vista and to include it in the 2nd edition. The book will maintain the idea that those of us with the virus and on treatment have a second chance at a future, if we choose to take it.

Why am I crowdfunding this project?

I need crowdfunding to ensure I can work independently of  HIV charities. This enables me to say what needs to be said without the complication of their own agendas coming into play. Funding for the HIV sector is more competative than ever. The message I have isn't compatible with many HIV organisation's objectives. I advocate that people with HIV do not need to be so reliant on their services. That they have choices. Many living with the virus have become disempowered by a sector that, put simply, needs 'bums on seats' to justify their funding. The message I have doesn't align with their own aim to survive. 

How will your money be spent?

I believe in what I'm doing and give my time freely to it. However I simply cannot afford to print and promote on my own without help from you. Any funding raised would be spent on the services of an editor, printing of review copies, international postage, and a budget for marketing and PR services.

My way of saying 'thank you'.

The 2nd edition of HIV Happy will be offically launched on World AIDS Day (December 1st 2017). If you pledge £20 or more I would like to send you a free signed copy of the book as a small thank you.

...and finally

There is a life out there for people surviving with HIV, for many it could be a good one. Please help me to help others achieve their full potential and to make the most of the second chance at life afforded to them by treatment.

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