His Girl

We made His Girl. Please help us fund the sequels. Rhys and Amber have history. When they meet again, will they make better choices?

We did it!

On 13th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £155 with 8 supporters in 28 days

Welcome to the funding raising campaign for Addition Films latest venture, His Girl – Part 2. Addition Films is a collective of actors, directors and film makers with a passion for telling stories that represent young Londoners.

Our working process has evolved from early partnerships between London Bubble Theatre Company, Catherine Donaldson and Southwark’s Safeguarding Children Board and firmly places real life social identities at the root of the fiction we create.

We produced a short film His Girl (2016, 7 mins). Now we are producing His Girl – Part 2 because our audience told us they had grown fond of the characters and were intrigued to know what happened to them afterwards. We feel there is room to delve deeper and as our actors grow up, we want to see how the characters mature.

The characters and circumstances seen in His Girl were developed by vulnerable young people who took part in a project designed to explore healthy relationships with particular focus on child sexual exploitation. Whereas the national picture suggested older men and organised crime rings as the key perpetrators, we wanted to reflect what was happening locally; teenage girls being groomed by local boys in their early 20s and shared between groups of friends in what’s known as a ‘line-up’. Did these teenagers believe these were acceptable factors within a relationship and how did they find themselves involved, as both victim and perpetrators.

The first incarnation (2013) featured young actors from London Bubble’s Young Theatre Makers programme and was shown in local secondary schools as part of a borough wide agenda to raise awareness and start potentially difficult conversations about child sexual exploitation amongst young people.

The journey was a learning curve for everyone involved and had a big impact on the creative team. In 2015 we came together again to make His Girl, refining the story and developing the original characters further.

His Girl is about what a girl will do for love. Amber has a new man. He is older and has a car. Her friends are jealous. But this relationship is not as good as it first seems.


His Girl – 2

Rhys and Amber have history. When they meet again, will they make better choices?

One year on, we see how their current relationships are affected by reputation, guilt and regret.

Building on the success of His Girl, we are hoping to raise the money to shoot the second film and develop a website. Our goal is to produce a web series with a dedicated website and YouTube channel which will be made available to all, and sent to interested groups as a resource. We recognise a need for work that appeals to a demographic that's currently underrepresented in British television; challenging stereotypes and drawing attention to issues young people struggle against.

Working with talented young actors who have grown up in inner city London, we bring a sense of authenticity to the urban tales we tell. For those whom a more conventional route into the industry is not possible, we are making our own opportunities with a view to learning on the job and gaining skills and experience that we hope will help us advance our careers. Using our collaborative, organic approach, the script is being developed through a series of workshops with the company. Stylistically, the final film will retain the natural feel of improvisation.

We are confident that we can do this on a small budget as we shot His Girl in one day on a non-existent budget.  

We have a lot of in-kind support but would like to give ourselves more time this time round so will be shooting this short (10 minutes) over two days, hence the extra costs. We are looking to raise £2500 to raise the production values. The money will go towards production costs including location fees,  insurance, travel and catering , props and art department, post-production expenses, the website  and a screening. 

We would also like to showcase our work with a premiere in London in order to increase our work’s exposure.

Your generosity could enable us to share the next part of this story.

Thank you.

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