hiring a solicitor

by Lawrie Burwell in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

hiring a solicitor
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To raise funds to hire a solicitor to fight what we believe is an unfair situation

by Lawrie Burwell in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

My wife and I are both in our 80s. We own a cafe on a 10 year lease in a local shopping centre which we signed 8 years ago with a view to sell on 3 years ago to create a retirement fund. Unfortunately the cafe hasnt been as successful as we hoped and we have had to draw down all the House Equity that was available so we could keep our heads above water. We did this with the knowledge that the business was worth a reasonable amount. With retirement in view we put the business on the market 3 years ago. We had plenty of interest and eventually agreed a sale for £70000 The sale went through its normal process until the lease went to the landlords solicitors who delayed more than 4 months before turning down the request from the potential buyers to extend the lease. The buyers then pulled out leaving us with solicitors and agent fees. We then tried to find the reason from the landlords who stated they had plans plans to redevelop our particular unit. Since then they have published no plans to redevelop and we have lost many potential buyers because of the short lease. We now face the prospect of having to work until we are 84 with no retirement fund to look forward to. I believe the landlords have acted maybe unlawfully and I would like to raise sufficient fund to hire a solicitor to advise us