Hired Apparel

Hired Apparel

A clothing company that donates at least 30% of profits to a different charity each month.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My project is to startup a clothing company that focuses on quality clothing of all aspects. To start with, basic T-shirts and jumpers etc will be sold. All of the profits will be reinvested and used to expand to other clothing types.

This may seem very simple, however, my company is going to be highly involved with charities. For each month of the year, my company will select one charity of a good cause, whether it be because of a development in a cure/treatment, a recent scare/outburst, or of personal importance to members of staff. All the products produced in that month will be produced with the selected charities logo on a tag showing that by purchasing that piece of clothing, you are supporting that chosen charity.

Then a percentage of the profits from that month will be donated to that charity during the following month.  As we can't guarantee that all the clothes from that month will be sold, the tag won't be removed, it will still be sold as its supporting that charity, but will just go to another months profits for another charity. However, that charity will benefit from other charities remaining stock sales aswell so it all evens out. 

Sometimes, if we can't decide on one charity, we will leave the decision down to the public through online polls. 

Charities will be notified that we would like to print their logo on clothing tags and a percentage of the profits will be donated to their charity.

The percentage of profits sent to charities hasn't yet been decided however, I am making sure that the number will be no less than 30% to start with. When an acceptable amount of expansion has occured and we are happy with the products we currently sell, the percentage may increase.