Food, Hip Hop and the Green Economy #hiphopgarden

by ian.solomon.kawall in London

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On 1st July 2015 we successfully raised £3,735 with 111 supporters in 35 days

An innovative, alternative education model using hip hop to educate and empower young people to live sustainably and grow their communities.

by ian.solomon.kawall in London

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derek_terrell 1st July 2015

Fantastic project with excellent outcomes for the young people that get a chance to go there and be inspired. Brings people from all backgrounds together, thorough deserves to be a big success!

evolve2bu 29th June 2015

Many of us could've benefited tremendously if courses like this were run when I was a youth. The young people in today's times are blessed to have such a vital and useful course available to them...crucial actually!

natalie.amos 22nd June 2015

Best of luck Ian and friends for this amazing project in memory of your lovely mum May and for all the lucky people who get to visit and take part! 12th June 2015

Lovin' the work you guys do, reaching out in an innovative way, engaging, fun and totally inspiring for those taking part. Wanna see this project keep on going.. let it grow.

aziza 10th June 2015

So happy to see the initiative and hard work going into bringing awareness of sustainable living to young people of all backgrounds in the city....... all schools should be like this! congratulations on all you have done.

margaret-solomon 10th June 2015

wow wow, love new image, let the passion , growth and love continues , moving in the right direction ." Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything. Maybe it's about un - becoming everything that isn't you so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place ." sending love and light to everyone Margaret x

bree3 9th June 2015

Keep Growing!! Keep Going!! It's great to see people as yourself making a positive stand for young people!! There is so much room for you in society. Love the whole ethos of the project and collaboration between Food & Hip Hop. It's about time that our youth have an input of substance that is both expressive and enriching. So inspirational and authentic!!

susannejrgen 7th June 2015

This is a promising project, which we fully support. There is a dire need for concrete initiatives standing up against mainstream developer driven urban development. The youth are crucial as frontrunners in a more progressive and sustainable manner paving the way for another modus operandi in terms of community organisation and inclusive democracy. Food is the basic of things and as such, it is fundamental to train and raise awareness under which conditions food is produced i.e. in environmental terms and under which working conditions. We are looking forward to following this project and we wish you all the best. Susanne and Jørgen, Denmark

andy.goldring 5th June 2015

Brilliant project that has given so much to local area and people. Very pleased to be able to support it. Great to get young people involved in practical solutions and positive approach to life. Know lots of people that have very little purpose drifting along, getting into trouble and having hard time with own health and well-being. This project and others like it are just what we need to help people find their own direction, get some new skills and be happy!

ima-yo- 5th June 2015

Dream Big wiz hands & feet in mud makes anybody more confident. 'KMT wiz the team's hard work and fun loving way grew May Project Garden into London's very unique green oasis that comes wiz the rhythm of hip hop frogs and MC. Where could be more ideal place for London youth to explore and learn how to live wiz nature wiz joy. You know what, even just writing like this, they are cheering me up rapidly from my urban losses & melancholy! We can do it together, come we grow XXX Ima yo

katarinakennedy 31st May 2015

Zara is one of the most intelligent and passionate people I know. She has also, hands down, the smartest instinct for money of anyone I have ever met. I would trust her with my life savings in a heartbeat. She could have sailed through the City but instead she wants to invest her time and energy into life. Your investment here could not be in more capable hands. I cannot wait to see what her, Ian and the rest of the team achieve. ZARA RASOOL - remember this name, this won't be the first time you see it!


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A thank you for believing in my project!

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A video thank you from the May Team

£20 or more

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Invitation to an exclusive Crowdfunder open day to learn more about us, meet the team and other supporters, and tuck in to a cooked meal from the garden!

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Access to an online 'How to MC' and 'How to DJ' workshop, led by KMT

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'Food, Hip Hop and the Green Economy' group taster session at the May Project Gardens site

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For you and a friend: A tour of the May Project Gardens, meet the team and some of the young people, harvest produce from the garden and sit down for a cooked meal with us!

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Become a "Friend of the May Project": Name on our supporters wall, selection of organic herbs, recipe cards, and a signed copy of 'Hip Hop Gardeners' EP

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Become a "Friend of the May Project": Name on our supporters wall, a visit to the project to meet the team and harvest produce of your choice from the garden, and a signed copy of the 'Hip Hop Gardeners' EP

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'Pollen' Package (for 2 people): Full day 'Food, Hip Hop and the Green Economy' workshop, two signed 'Hip Hop Gardeners' EPs, and the opportunity to harvest produce from the garden

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An exclusive track written and recorded for you or your organisation

£500 or more

£500 Reward

'Seed' Package: Two VIP tickets (food, drinks, meet and greet artists) to the Come We Grow party organised by the young people, full day 'Food, Hip Hop and the Green Economy' workshop for you and a friend at the project, a 'Leaf of Fame' in your name on our floor, and a signed 'Hip Hop Gardeners' EP

£500 or more

£500 Reward

A team day for your staff at a location of your choice which can include elements of food growing, hip hop, organisation, team building and a musical finale!

£1,000 or more

£1,000 Reward

'Flower' Package: A full day workshop at a location of your choice (within the UK), opportunity to rehearse, direct and perform a track with the young people and appear in the music video, a signed 'Hip Hop Gardeners' EP and a 'Leaf of Fame' in your name

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'Harvest' Corporate Package: A team day for your staff, your logo on our supporters page, a shout out on social media to say thank you, and a 'Supporter of May Project Gardens' certificate for your wall!

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