by Tam Hinton in Manchester, England, United Kingdom


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I am raising completion funds for my animated version of the classic story of potions and bad behaviour.

by Tam Hinton in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Do you like scary stories? Are you drawn to the macabre, the mysterious and the monstrous? Then you're surely going to wanna chuck a few shekels in the hat of me, Tam Hinton, for my version of 'the strange case of dr jekyll and mr hyde'.

 This isnt your typical Jekyll and Hyde, mind you. This one is rendered in Hinton's very own claymation style and has its very own unique premise:

What's better than watching the mild mannered doc Jekyll transform into the disinhibited dirtbag, Mr Hyde? I'll tell you- watching him become a whole series of monsters, each more bizarre and fabulous than the last-as he accessed ever darker sides of his many sided subconsciousness.

Emphasising the psychedelic queerness and debauched weirdness lurking below the surface of this victorian penny dreadful, this will be unlike any Jekyll and Hyde you ever saw. 

The first part of this meisterwerk is here for you to check out. The final version promises to explain the tantalising hints of a secret reason for Jekyll's weirdness, while adding many more spectacular scenes of transformation and horror.

The final film will be about ten minutes in length, which is 14400 frames of stop-motion craziness for you to enjoy.

So are what are you waiting for? Go get your bank details and get yourself involved in the world of spooky independent film production!

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