We need your help to bring Rock and Roll to our sleepy Midlands town by putting on Green Day's American Idiot: The Musical!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Help us to bring Rock and Roll to our sleepy Midlands town by putting on Green Day's American Idiot: The Musical!

Project description:

American Idiot: the Musical, recently had a very successful West End run and British tour and has developed quite a cult following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  (Spoilers ahead) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Idiot_(musical)

We are a group of theatre profesionals, experienced amateurs, fanatics and Green Day enthusiasts and we wish to get our turn at sharing this unusual and fantastic show with more people. We are a creative collection from the midlands and further afield. 

The Plan:

Other than the inspiration that comes straight from the original American Idiot album and the political world of late 2016, we are drawing inspiration from traditional Circus...looking at the idea of Media Circus. This means, the set design, costume design, publicity etc will be rooted in the idea of circus performance. (There are a few images in the video above!) 
We are finalising the venue for the performances, and in talks with two possible venues. The venue already has a bar and entertainment licence. We are hoping to fill the performance, before, during and after, with the atmosphere of a gig, meaning people will be able to relax, and engage in the show however they feel best, sat, standing, dancing...!

We will be rehearsing at a local college, the space is being given in kind, and as a thanks to the college, auditions will take place there and all students will be able to audition, or get involved with the team. 

Due to the nature of the performance, we will encourage a minimum age of Audience members to be 14years +.  
There will be an ensemble cast that will be 16+ and a main cast of 18+ years. (Ruth, the project director and other members of the team hold enhanced DBS checks )

Breakdown of cost: (All approx. based on two Large scale productions of this nature and lowest estimated costs)

Performance Licence and libretto (three months) music hire (two months) - £625
Set - £200
Costume - £500 
Props - £100
Sound - £500
Light and Projection - £600
Publicity including Web hosting and Facebook Advertising - £300
Admin and Consumables - £175

This totals the £3000 we have asked for.

Why Crowdfunding: We know there are some die hard Green Day and American Idiot fans out there, (some are in our production team!) but we don't know all of them! We are going to use this crowd funding project to find them out, let them know about the project and ask them to help fund this amazing experience.
All involved come from a variety of backgrounds, some low income, some students and some on a variety of benefits, so financially we would be unable to put on this production to a high standard of finish without the money we are asking for. We know we can produce a professional standard of performance with your help!

Rewards: We have a variety of rewards for all bank balances., from £5 to £200, with a variety of exclusive 


Show dates: We predict the Show will take place during May or June 2017, but we will update you as soon as venue negotiations and performance licences have been finalised.
Ticket Costs: At the moment our plan is to see tickets at £15 for Adults, £12 for 14-18year olds and those on selected benefits.
Any profit raised as a result of the show, after we have paid all the relavant royalties, will go into forming ourselves into an as yet unnamed Theatre Company, to provide varied and unusual performance projects in the Leicestershire area.  

Thank you from all the #hinckleyidiots and we can't wait to show you what we can do to wake up our sleepy Midlands town!