Himalayan First Ascents

Himalayan First Ascents

To further exploration into previously unclimbed Himalayan regions identifying & summiting 6500m peaks that have never been climbed before.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are a couple of Old Blokes who are just trying to keep the spirit of adventure & exploratory mountaineering alive. In a world saturated with 'explorers' & 'adventurers' broadcasting sponsorships & high exposure from around the globe, we just quietly enlist 2 or 3 other like-minded individuals to make a team & we undertake all our own planning, fund everything ourselves & head off with no fuss or Go-Pro's & safely & successfully make first ascents of previously unclimbed 6000 - 6500m Himalayan peaks.

Between us, we have over 70 first ascents under our belts & have also traversed & explored areas of the greater Ranges & Antarctica that no other human being have ever set foot upon. We would dearly love to continue with our endeavours, but year by year, these expeditions become more & more prohibitively expensive. I am looking to you to help support my financial contribution to the expedition to allow two ordinary old blokes to achieve ground breaking & mountaineering history making objectives that blokes half our ages would find difficult to undertake.

Objectives: We plan to travel to Leh via Delhi where we will acclimatise before travelling north by road to Sumur in the Nubra Valley. From Sumur we plan to trek up the Sumur Valley to establish a base camp by the Sumur Lakes at 5,230m. From this Base Camp we intend to further acclimatise by exploring the hitherto unvisited valley SE of the camp with the possibility of making the first ascent of PK6026. Once fully acclimatised we plan to cross the high col to the east of Base Camp to establish high camps on the upper Rassa Glacier. From these camps we plan to fully explore the upper glacier & attempt one or more of the unclimbed 6,000m peaks in this area.

In 2016 we successfully & safely summited previously unclimbed 6500m peaks to the south of the Sumur valley & the Rassa Glaciers & the views from these summits encouraged us to return to this area for further exploration into this region that has rarely been explored. Only one previous Indian team is known to have visited the Upper Rassa Glacier, which they did while making a south to north traverse of the glacier in 2014. 

Significance: Our aims & objectives are to further exploration in these little known areas by mapping these unvisited Rassa Glaciers  & by making first ascents of previously unclimbed mountains to officially establish & log their heights & to name them for Great Britain & the global community. This data & information will be processed by the Indian Mountaineering Federation & The British Alpine Club to establish these glaciers &  mountains on the world maps & satellite imagery. Our climbing routes & exploratory notes & imagery will hopefully encourage other mountaineering teams to discover these areas & to further mountaineering in these remote regions.