Fixing rusty junk Hilux surf Gen 3 YouTube project

by Matt Johnson in Furnace, Scotland, United Kingdom

Fixing rusty junk Hilux surf Gen 3 YouTube project
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To purchase and fit new driveshafts, I already have both wheel bearings I also need to purchase a hydraulic press to press out old bearings.

by Matt Johnson in Furnace, Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi my name is Matt im 40 years old and all my life have been into cars and was taught from a very early age by my dad to fix them, usually out of necessity as most of the cars i own are at least 20 years old and require work.

I enjoy fixing things and over the years have become i would say very competent in mechanics.

I want to start a YouTube channel showcasing some of the repairs i do as it might help other be inspired to fix things rather than throw away and replace with new, Something i feel is very important is today's world of over consumption.

Many old things can have a new lease of life with a little time and effort and by doing so reduces out impact on the globe just a little.

This crowd funding is hopefully to raise enough money to purchase a hydraulic press to allow me to press out the old wheel bearings on the Toyota Hilux surf and then press in the new bearing (which i have already purchased) I also need to replace both driveshafts.

When i have enough money for this i will film it and make a video to kick start my Youtube channel, Like i said i hope by doing videos it will inspire others to fix and repair old things to all help do our bit for the planet :-)

The vehicle is a 1997 Toyota Hilux surf Gen 3 with the 3.0ltr KZN185 turbo charged intercooled diesel engine.

I have owned this car for a few years now and already replaced the following-

New front and rear suspension (shocks and springs, anti roll bar links, lower ball joints, inner and outer track rod ends, exhaust, front discs and pads, wheel and tyres.

I have also repaired  pained and undersealed the entire chassis and repaired and repainted the under engine guards.

There is plenty of life left in this truck with a little help from you guys :-)

 A little about me- I am self employed and run a very small business from home that makes custom bespoke products, using materials such as stabilized wood and resins, As anyone else who is self employed knows its great but you tend to work more hours than if you were employed and get peanuts for it lol.

I'm not rich not even close to average! but happy with what i do and enjoy running my business, hence i need a little help with this project.

I'm only asking for £700 this will allow me to purchase the press needed to sort the wheel bearings and purchase the driveshafts. That is just 700 people each donating £1! 

Well that's enough waffling for now, if you want to check out my website to see the products i make its and if you have any questions or want to know more about the Hilux feel free to drop me a message or email.

Peace Matt. :-)

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