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Comfort and style rarely go hand in hand - until now...introducing the all-in-one shoe with retractable heels!

by Millie Campbell-Kelly in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

  • Marketing and social media costs.
  • Market research of my target market for shoe designs.
  • Production costs (following potential UK buyer discussions).

The Concept

How many nights out have been ruined because you decided to wear heels and you could no longer dance after about thirty minutes? How big is the bag you take to work because you have to pack your heels to change into after the journey there? How many times have you twisted your ankle walking around and getting your heels stuck in uneven surfaces?

Too many!

For nearly a decade I've been trying to work out how to make life easier when it comes to this very common inconvenience for anyone who wants the style of a heel but not the discomfort. That's when I came up with HiLo Shoes (working name).

The idea is a retractable heel which safely locks into place to allow you to wear either heels or flats in a second's notice. The sole would be flexible enough to support the change to allow for maximum comfort and support.

The Social Side

Should this idea take off and I get the initial funding to make this a viable business, I would want to give something back to society. Two things I am thoroughly passionate about (aside from cheese and coffee) are mental health and apprenticeships. Mental health still is not talked about enough and with 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health problem each year in the UK, that's still a worry. I would create a working environment where mental health of the business employees is just as important as customers and sales and I would expect the supply chain I would work with to uphold the same values.

My career started as an apprentice within the Civil Service and doing an apprenticeship was the best decision I've ever made. I learnt so much about the real world of work as well as gaining qualifications and it's an experience I'd love as many people as possible to have. Where possible and feasible, I would hire an apprentice for every expert function within the business so that as many people as possible can learn and have long and successful careers.

These aims are very much based on ifs and buts and relies heavily on this business taking off...so that's where I come to...

Your Support

I've entered the Bring It 2020 scheme as it's a fantastic way for me to finally get this idea off the ground. If I can raise at least £500 from at least 10 supporters, the wonderful Natwest-backed team will match fund £500 and I will then be in with a chance of receiving a larger investment. And if I don't? Well then you'll all get your money back! But where would this initial funding go to jump start this idea...

  • Trademark checks and application (because I'd rather change the name than be sued!)
  • Design patent application costs.
  • Commissioning a 3rd party to produce a working proof of concept based on my designs and required researched materials to ensure viability and ultimate safety.

Following that, should I go further and receive a larger investment, the money would be spent on:

  • Marketing and social media costs.
  • Market research of my target market for shoe designs.
  • Production costs (following potential UK buyer discussions).
  • Maybe a cup of coffee and a magazine to give myself a day off!

Last Thing From Me...

I'll be honest, right now, this is just an idea. That's it. Life got in the way of me being able to dedicate time to it until this opportunity came about. I've been keeping an eye on the market and though removable heels are out there, there still is not an all-in-one shoe. But with your help and support, I can start working on a prototype with the correct legalities in place (trademarks and patents) and I can hopefully make a lot of heel-wearers very happy in the future!


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