Emirut is a non profitable organization, we advocate for Less privilege and empowerment

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Emirut is a non profitable organization, we advocate for non privilege and empowerment, we are register NGO, we are training and equipping less privilege  people, to reduce poverty, we make research to African and Asia, to see into more causes of spreading of HIV, we offer free check up and counseling to those who contact it, and we made some interview, among those we texted positive, we make interview and interacting  with them, I realize that 90 percent of them that carry the virus, it is cause by poverty, I almost cry when a woman with 5 children said he always look for man to sleep with for her to get money to feed her children, that the father is jobless, some said the husband is late, some the husband ran away, one woman said her 5 yrs old daughter was cry and said mom pls give me food don’t let me die, I saw the child, I weep, my church  spent $300,000 yearly out of our offering to care for this people, I organize a program call operation feed the poor where love and holiness church sponsor emirut to provide Job and free trained and equip thousands of single parent alone, it’s good to be your sisters keepers, we need many equipment, like sewing machine, grading machine etc, we have many professional who teach sowing, teach how to make soap etc this people offer it free, some church member abandon their duty and take the responsibility to teach them, we give little salaries for feeding during the trainee, for transportation and feeding this will enable them to quit deadly business and it make them face the work, you should know that  we are not entering the kingdom of God with race or tribes but by doing good to one another I want to tell you, you do this for Christ, and nobody borrow him without pay him back with multiple fold

I stand to ask for help for those less privilege people I need support from Christian alone not from everybody, we are not discriminate we attend and share to non Christian too but we feed them  with word of God too, why do we seek help from Christian alone? We want your offering to be accepted, only those who have clean hand can received multiple fold of what you sow, thanks for risen to help others

Your co worker in his vine yards

pastor Moses