High Speed Fibre Broadband for Rural Communities

by First Fibre broadband for rural communities in Hay A Park, England, United Kingdom

High Speed Fibre Broadband for Rural Communities


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Unfortunate residents in many areas of the UK have been left out of the technology upgrades by their internet service provider.

by First Fibre broadband for rural communities in Hay A Park, England, United Kingdom

Poor Quality of Service

Many communities in rural areas of the UK have been left behind the times with technology based internet infrastructure. There are still many villages where some residents are barely receiving as little as 4Mbps, these are disappointing times for these unfortunate residents. The village I am looking to launch is such a village with almost 280 homes with a drip of a connection. Whilst other towns and cities prosper with super fast fibre, the incumbent villagers in many areas suffer from the lack of technology upgrades to their existing infrastructure and Internet Service Provider. What's more disappointing for these villagers is that the Internet Service Providers year on year increase their prices for the poor service they provide to their clients 

First Fibre Ltd have obtained a PIA Licence 

What is a PIA licence? PIA Physical Infrastructure Access, is a licence agreement between BT Openreach and the "Communications Provider". The Communications Provider in the case First Fibre Ltd pays a licence fee to Openreach to use their ducts, poles and cable chambers to install their own network. This comes with strict guidelines, however it gives many communities the chance to get a much better infrastructure to the heart of their community.


It's not low budget getting a village connected and there's more to it than meets the eye. There can be traffic management costs, small amount of construction work, cabinets, OLT Optical Line Termination, fibre trays, micro-ducts, cables, fibre cable joints, aerial fibre nodes from where the subscriber cable leaves the telegraph pole to the home. Yes, there is quite a lot of work that goes into building a full fibre network.


We have already raised £300,000 in private investment and we would like you to help us raise the additional £50k to build our first village and hopefully yours will be one of the next.


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We will give you three months free fibre broadband subscription if we build our network within your community village.

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Let's make 'High Speed Fibre Broadband for Rural Communities' happen

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