High Energy Recyclable Battery

High Energy Recyclable Battery

Demonstrating a 1500 mile recyclable battery in an electric truck on a televised road trip delivering local produce around Britain.

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Electric vehicles need to be affordable, convenient and safe. The biggest barrier to switching from petrol & diesel is the battery in an electric car. It's too long to recharge and doesn't give the range we need.

Our approach is to use a different kind of battery, one that goes 1500 miles and doesn't need recharging (it gets swapped in 90 seconds like a Tesla S). You just pay and drive away, for another 1500 miles.

The used battery gets recycled and you only pay for the miles you've used. It's 6 pence a mile, which is about a third of the cost of driving a petrol/diesel car, but it drives three times further!

So how can we do this? We've worked hard in our labs to develop a special electrolyte (the liquid in any battery) and it allows us to use ordinary aluminium as a recyclable  'fuel', which means the cost is affordable.

We're doing this to help combat air pollution in cities and to generally make the world a better place.