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We must change the way we think about fashion and how it is damaging our planet, If we all make small changes it will make a big difference.

by shereen barrett in London, England, United Kingdom

Fast fashion is the second most polluting industry globally according to Forbes.com, and it’s only getting worse.

Hide The Label is a London based sustainable womenswear brand that was conceived back in 2018 when my Brother and I realized that there needed to be a shift in thinking about the way that we design, the materials we select, and their impact on the environment.

We really believe that if everyone makes small changes to the way they shop and invest in clothing, it will make a big difference to our planet. The greatest threat is the belief that someone else will save it. 

Launched in April 2019, Hide The Label is a brand that we believe delivers styles transcending seasons, trends and even generations. The pared-back silhouettes showcase nature inspired prints in vibrant colours painted onto perfectly cut sustainable fabrics.

Each piece has been crafted to offer the wearer versatility, wearability & distinctiveness - it’s about creating the wear anywhere (forever) dress - a true wardrobe staple.

All of the prints are created in house by us, reflecting our backgrounds in fine art and textile design - ensuring a distinctive yet timeless feel throughout each collection. We draw our inspiration from all things nature. Inspired by the flora and fauna that we passionately strive to protect for our future generations.

Our materials are sourced with the environment in mind, whether made from plant derived fibres or reclaimed fibres that conserve material resources combined with digital printing techniques that use very minimal water usage. While it’s an evolving process, we are committed to improving season after season. 

All of our tags and packaging is also sustainable - Our tags are made from recycled card and tied to our garments with unbleached cotton cord and our packaging is biodegradable, even our mail out bag is compostable. 

As we are not trying to compete with fast fashion trends, we choose to transport our product by rail which is much slower than air or sea freight but is a more carbon neutral option. 

We are looking for an investment of £2000, to purchase more recycled fabrics (100% Recycled from Post consumer waste) so that we can increase the collection by two more styles. Also we would like to raise the profile of our brand through PR agency support and advertising, and thereby raise awareness about the environmental issues associated with the fashion industry.

If we can raise over our £2000 target, the extra funds will enable us to invest in sourcing more sustainable materials such as bamboo buttons and enlist the services of consultancy agency Eco-Age to help us improve our transparency within our supply chain.

As well as having the knowledge that they have helped fund a sustainable fashion project, funders will also receive rewards for their investment.

All funders will be sent promotional material and look books and will also be offered a 40% discount on all items from the Hide The Label Collection. We are keen for funders to remain a big part of the project too and will also offer them the opportunity to participate in free garment trials and customer focus groups, in order to incorporate their thoughts, opinions and advice into our project.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

40% Discount

Anyone that pledges £20 or more will receive 40% discount on any product in our current range - www.hidethelabel.com

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