Hidden Opportunities Accelerator

by Elizabeth Kim in West Bridgford, England, United Kingdom

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A "box of tools" that are used while consulting, training, mentoring and coaching our customers, to help them be innovative.

by Elizabeth Kim in West Bridgford, England, United Kingdom


It emerged in chat in a nice coffee shop in my hometown in Colombia in 2016. I was not married then; Marcela had a baby and she was starting her career as an entrepreneur. Initially, we worked on this project during our free time. I had finished my PhD in Edinburgh and was searching how to use my new knowledge in something good for our society. We just wanted to create something useful for business.

I met Marcela Montoya Echeverri in 2009. She was one of the examiners of my MSc thesis about spin-offs and entrepreneurs' skills. She introduced me to Julian Taborda Araque, our third partner; he had successfully established a consulting company in our country, and we all share a passion for innovation and want to help entrepreneurs and managers to become successful in innovation.

Marcela and I created the first "folder of tools" to identify hidden assets. Then, we created the second "folder of tools" to exploit hidden assets. We had lots of meetings and even worked overnight many times. Julian helped us with the business model and transforming the idea into a promising new business. 

The Hidden Opportunities Accelerator, our box of tools with two folders, helps organisations to be innovative, sustainable and grow with low risk because they will use their hidden assets: the hidden value of their expertise, porftolio, processes and capabilities to generate cash from innovation: new revenue streams! 



I am the Director of the Hidden Opportunities Accelerator, and Marcela and Julian have their own companies. This year has not been very productive for me mainly because my baby is only 18 months old, so it was extremely hard for me to send her to nursery (it's still hard from time to time). 

I started networking in July 2019, I met kind and generous people in all those meetings. But there are over 30 networking groups and my team is based in different countries. I love this country (UK) and I like living in Nottingham very much, that is why I want to create a local market for the Hidden Opportunities Accelerator here and build a team that can help me to expand it first in all Europe.

We launched our website in December 2018 and we are searching for our early adopters: Four SMEs will become our first preferential customers!

Support us today and get the benefits of some of our tools in an online consultation, meeting and/or workshop!



The tools of the Hidden Opportunities Accelerator can be adapted for any type of organisation in any country (profit and non-profit, small and large, young and mature, single ownership or shared ownership). If you have an organisation or company and want to benefit of the rewards, there are four options to chose:

Consultation (1 hour). This will be online and I will be having a conversation with you that will have three parts. In the first part, I will ask some general information about your organisation that will help me to chose two or three tools of the Hidden Opportunities Accelerator that would be the most suitable for your case. During the second part, I will ask you information while I apply the tools. During the third part, I will advice you some of your hidden assets.

Meeting (1.5 hours). This can be online, or face-to-face if you can come to Nottingham. I will ask you in advance to complete a form about your company. The meeting will have four parts. The first part will be a quick view of some companies' hidden assets. In the second part, we will apply two or three tools to identify hidden assets. In the third part we will reflection on how you can use the identified hidden assets using at least one of our tools, and in the fourth part we will select your best hidden opportunities. I will use coaching, mentoring and consultation techniques during this meeting.

Workshop (2 hours). This will be online. The first hour will be exercises that will help you develop some entrepreneurial skills, followed by the one-hour consultation on your hidden assets.

If your aim is only to have an idea about what your hidden assets are, we advise you to pledge £50 for a consultation. If you also want to know how you can use those hidden assets, we advise you to pledge £75 for a meeting. We advise you to pledge £100 for a workshop, if your aim is to have a training too. 

Ambassador. You can become our ambassador if you pledge £100 for a workshop and refer a company to be our customer. You will get a referral fee of 5% of the total cost of the Hidden Opportunities Accelerator. In order to claim this reward, please let us know your company name. 

Note: Because we have more than 30 tools, you can pledge more than once and up to three times!


Read this before your pledge: This is all or nothing campaign. So, you can get the reward only when we have reached £1.200. Your money will be returned if we don't raise the target amount. 



I am Elizabeth Montoya Martinez, my married name is Elizabeth Kim, and I am pursuing my biggest professional dream: To be a successful serial entrepreneur! I know 'successful' has different meanings for every person. For me, it means to create 5 sustainable and growing businesses: 2 for profit and 3 for non-profits. I am the director of the Hidden Opportunities Accelerator. 

Besides my passion for innovation, I have a passion for entrepreneurship and education with 19 years' work experience in knowledge-related projects. I started working as a tutor (part-time), while studying civil engineering, because I was missing something: working for and with people. I also have experience as a project manager, researcher and lecturer in entrepreneurship. I have a MSc in Management Engineering and a PhD in Management (Entrepreneurship and Innovation).

My values:

ALTRUISM: I will use 30% of my profit from the Hidden Opportunities Accelerator to start-up a non-profit organisation called "Cobija a los Pobres (Blanket for poor people)".

I work with PASSION every day. I have DETERMINATION to help organisations to stay competitive in a global world while providing INTEGRITY and GOOD HUMOR when facing challenges.

I want you to feel that you can trust me, and I am being TRANSPARENT with you. These are the questions that you may have:

When will you start receiving your rewards? The deadline for raising our target (£1.200) is 24th of December 2019 at 2:23 p.m. If we succeed, I will start giving the rewards on the 2nd of January 2020.

What if we exceed our target? I will improve our website, join two networking groups and hire a marketing savvy to help me.

Where are we based? We are based in UK and we are planning to have our headquarter in UK during all the existence of the Hidden Opportunities Accelerator.

How is this service different to other business consulting companies? I have also designed tools using coaching, mentoring and training techniques to deliver the Hidden Opportunities Accelerator. 

How long does it take to apply all the Hidden Opportunities Accelerator? We have organised our service in four stages: the first two can last up to 1,5 months, while the third one takes up to 4 months. The last one depends on your own speed and the complexity of the new revenue stream.

Are you planning to sell this business in the future? No, I am not. I am planning to keep a majority of the ownership for my whole life. However, once I start other businesses, I will become a non-executive director of the Hidden Opportunities Accelerator.

What is your vision for this company ten years later? By 2029, The Hidden Opportunities Accelerator will have helped organisations in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

What is your website? www.hiddenopportunities.co.uk

How can you contact me? My email is elizabethkimmontoya@outlook.com. You can also add me on your FC or your instagram and contact me there.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

You will get an online THANK YOU certificate and your name on our supporters book, plus receive a shout out on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter (the media that you prefer).

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Pre-order: 1 hr online consultation on your hidden assets.

£75 or more

£75 Reward

Pre-order: 1.5 hr online meeting on your hidden assets (consulting, coaching and mentoring techniques included). If you prefer face-to-face, we can meet at Antenna, Nottingham, UK.

£100 or more

£100 Reward

Pre-order: 2hr workshop on your hidden assets (consulting and training techniques included). This reward can be deliver only face-to-face in East Midlands, England, UK.

£400 or more

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£400 Reward

Pre-order. Face-to-face service using the methodology to identify your hidden assets (all the required tools). It includes training, mentoring, coaching and consulting techniques. This reward can be deliver only in East Midlands, England, UK. (NOTE: This is a limited bargain for our first users!)

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