Hidden in Plain Sight - A Photographic Journey

by Claire Wilson in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

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Support the production of this unique photographic journey into Cornish mines, above and below ground, in this special photo-book.

by Claire Wilson in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

A successful project will mean that we can launch Liondog Publications, and any money raise above and beyond our target will be used to continue to document our precious Cornish heritage. 

A second book is planned, and it would be great to see it launched.

What is the book about? 

Hidden in Plain Sight is a photographic journey across Cornwall’s mining landscape, uncovering the secrets you may never get to see. 

It is an exclusive window into places that will not be here forever, because non-working mines are not maintained. Collapses will become more common with time as the wooden supports rot. And nature itself is transitory, the mining landscape above ground is in a constant flow of change. 

This book focuses on the here and now. From the incredible colours in the mines, to the changing landscape above ground. It is a vibrant photography book digging below the surface of contemporary Cornwall. 

Why This Book?

We don’t know of any other books about the underground Cornish mines in the present day. Other projects often focus on the engine houses above ground, but we want to show both sides: above and below. 

I want to give you a journey that covers it all. A keepsake of Cornwall today. 

Your Support

Your support will help us to create 200 limited edition copies of the book and publish previously unseen photographs of Cornish mines. Your generous support will also help pay for:

 Graphic design to finalise photographs in the page layout as well as the cover.

  • Printing of the book. 
  • Cost value of any rewards. 
  • Postage and packaging for the rewards. 
  • Marketing for the Crowdfunder. 

The contents of the book have already been written and all photographs taken. The design is currently being undertaken by Reje Design. The book will be ready to go straight to printers and should be back in time for the December 2019 deadline.

This is a journey that, if successful, will mean that we can launch Liondog Publications so that we can continue to document the heritage that could be lost in time. 

A second book is planned, and your support will help us to get it done.

Who am I?

My name is Claire Wilson and I am an award-winning professional photographer and writer. I’ve lived in Cornwall for most of my life and was brought up in one of the most heavily mined areas in the county. I have had a keen interest in the mines since I was young, which in fact was a leading inspiration for me heading to the University of Leicester where I gained my honours degree in Geology.

The Journey So Far

After a year of intensive underground adventure and a lifetime of exploring Cornish mining heritage, I have now brought together my best images to create this book. 

On my first visit to a mine, I discovered that I suffer from claustrophobia. But the drive behind photographing this very special environment kept me going underground despite the fear that would sometimes overpower me when the space got too small. With incredible support, I managed to achieve so much. I haven’t completely conquered that fear, but I learned to work through it.

In September 2019, Cornwall Today magazine printed my article on the Rosevale Mine. The volunteers at Rosevale have been incredibly supportive and allowed me access to their mine in the southwest of Cornwall, for which I am forever grateful. 

Teaming up with Cornwall Underground Adventures in the last stages of the project helped me to capture the final images that I will always remember the most. 

The book is almost ready. It has now been sent for the final design work.

How else can you support this project?

Please use your own social media profiles to help us get the word out. Like our page and share it with your friends and family. We want to share our passion for Cornish culture, both at home and further afield!

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A Limited Edition Copy of the Book

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Half Day Photography Lesson with the Claire

A half day photographic lesson with a group of up to 10 people at Chapelporth Beach in January/February 2020.

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A One of a Kind Tour

A half day walking tour with both Claire and Cornwall Underground Adventures at Wheal Trewavas, Porthleven. A combination of history and a talk on photography. This is a one off event, and could include a short journey underground. A good level of fitness is needed, and experiencing walking on rough terrain.

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A3 Framed Print of 5 Choices

An A3, Framed Print from the prints options.

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Sponsor the Book and appear on the credits page

There is space for just 20 names to appear inside the book on our credits page. Pledge here and you will receive a personal thank you, a postcard and a place reserved on our credits page.

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One day 1:1 photography lesson with Claire

A one day 1:1 photography lesson with Claire at Godrevy.

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A unique photography lesson underground!

A unique opportunity to join me and Cornwall Underground Adventures on a photography lesson underground. This is an adventurous activity - far from your average mine tour! Requires an above average level of fitness and/or experience walking over rough terrain/trails. NB: this is not designed as a "face your fears" challenge and if you suffer from chronic claustrophobia, this isn't for you. PLEASE ASK IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS.

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Limited Edition Print - Light at the End

A limited edition Aluminium Artbox print, 60x40cm.

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Limited Edition Print - Tunnel Through Time

A limited edition Aluminium Artbox print, 60x40cm.

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Limited Edition Print - Going with the Flow

A limited edition Aluminium Artbox print, 60x40cm.

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