Adapt Hidden House To survive due to Covid

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The global pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for us all. We can't survive without changing as we rely entirely on tourism.

by in Stari Grad, Općina Stari Grad, Croatia


On 31st of December 2019 we were celebrating a record year for Hidden House in Stari Grad. We had had a wonderful summer with guests from all over the world enjoying the hospitality that Chris and I have proudly become well known for. What's more that our hospitality had been recognised with numerous awards, not least of which was the I- escape  'Best budget hotel in the world' award. In short we were really looking forward to 2020 and to having an even better year, making the most of the hard work we had put in since we opened nearly 5 years ago. Like many people across the world that dream was shattered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Approximately 90 % of our guests come from the UK, America and Australia and obviously this has meant we lost all but a few of our bookings this year. The few guests that did try and brave it ended up having to do 14 day quarantine back in the UK. 


Croatians and our close neighbours from Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Serbia, Hungry, Czech Republic etc all prefer apartments on a normal year but with Covid even more so. It is important to feel safe in your own environment and sadly a small but lovely boutique b n b, where sharing communal areas and one large table for breakfast wasn't really working this year and will not work in the future as we all learn to live with Covid 19.


We simply cannot rely on anyone who cannot easily drive to Hidden House Hvar anymore and so we need to adapt to this new way of tourism. 

Croatia is also thinking a head and will be joining the emerging digital nomad visa scheme which will encourage people to move to Croatia to work and this stunning island is a safe heaven with its tranquil and beautiful environment, perfect for the digital nomad. 


After much thought and plenty of discussion we know the right way to move forward to keep Hidden House a float is to turn the ensuite bedrooms into apartments. At the moment we have 4 double ensuite bedrooms and a large Penthouse suite with private roof terrace with each room sleeping 2 people.  As 4 luxury suites or apartments we will be able to still sleep 8 people or 12 if the sofa beds in Lina and Silvija were used plus an extra person in the penthouse suite. Also the apartments will be designed in such a way that the whole house can still be used for large groups or a family. 


The Penthouse Suite with private roof terrace will stay very much as it was but with an added bonus of a small discreet kitchen. The much loved Silvija room will remain but will be connected to a separate lounge and kitchen area (this used to be the Marie room). The floor beneath will be similar with Lina still remaining and the lounge and kitchen taking over the Adria room. 


The ground floor Lounge kitchen will be more complicated as it will need much more work, but it is all possible and your generous pre paid holiday vouchers will pay for the work to be done this Winter, ready for your holiday next year or 2022. So instead of just a bedroom, you will get a whole suite at a very reasonable special introduction price of €150 per night for Lina and Silvija and €200 for the penthouse suite. (this season Lina and Silvija rooms were €133 a night and Adria and Marie were €112 a night). So for only €17 more you get a 1 bed apartment (Lina and Silvija) instead of just a room. The penthouse suite will stay the same price.

We feel this is excellent value, to be in a luxury apartment 50 m from the harbour and surrounded by stunning tranquil bays, crystal clear sea and excellent restaurants and bars all just a stones throw from Hidden House in the historical town of Stari Grad. 

So as you can see if you book a holiday with us now, you get a fabulous deal on your apartment plus extra rewards, time spent with us giving you all the top tips for having the best holiday ever and you are helping us continue with what we love doing - hosting gorgeous people in our very beautiful home. 

Here is a little video walk through of Hidden House (minus the Marie and Adria rooms (we have some last min guests in there but those rooms coming to a cinema near you soon)

Initially we were so worried at not having an income that we sadly put Hidden House on the market to sell. It wasn't until we spoke to some of our very wonderful friends that the suggestion of crowdfunding came up. We were sceptical as we know so many other people were struggling in our wonderful world of hospitality and tourism, but if you don't ask (for help when you need it) you don't get.......So we are humbly asking for help right now. It is of course the last thing we wanted to do but we like to see it as friends and friends of friends just pre booking and paying for a fabulous holiday in paradise in advance. Some of you have been to visit us and love it so much you come back again and again, for those who haven't been...why not ? you don't just get to be on one of the best islands in the world (don't take our word for it Conde Nast think so too) but you also get to hang out with us and learn all the insider tips of island life. 

Here is our little boat in Tiha bay, just one of the many rewards you can have and yes the sea really is that clear and that colour.


As well as winning the 'Best Budget Hotel in the world category from I-escape we also have excellent 5 star reviews on our website and over 40 excellent reviews (all 5 out of 5) on trip advisor.  We are very proud of our 100% record.

For those who want to help not only do you get the holiday of your dreams but we will also add fabulous extras on to your holiday with us as a special thank you, in the form of rewards. 

If you want to talk to to either of us about this, please do so.....

Much love from Chris and myself. x 


Let's make 'Adapt Hidden House To survive due to Covid' happen

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