Hi! Will you help me get my first ever motorcycle?

Hi! Will you help me get my first ever motorcycle?

Hi, I'm Luke :) I recently passed my CBT Test and I am looking for help to raise money for my first motorcycle. Please read my story!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I'm looking for around £600 to purchase my first ever motorcycle. You may be asking as to why I'm asking this to be crowd funded so please, let me explain :)

We're having a baby! That's right, 7 days before my birthday my second child will be born. Babies are not cheap and with most of my funds going into the preperation for his arrival I just simply can't afford it at the moment.

The reason I have chosen a motorcycle is because it is

  • A) Easier & cheaper to get a license for (I passed my CBT Test on the 13th of May)
  • B) Cheaper to run & insure
  • C) Ultimatly costs less child care. I live 7 miles from work and often use public transport, the faster home I get, the less it costs & more time with the baby!
  • D) It's motorbike! Why wouldn't you pick a motorbike :)

All donations will go directly towards a motorbike and nothing else. Not only are you helping me achieve my dream, but also helping my family by allowing them to spend more time with myself and reducing child care fees