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H&H - ‘Fusing Beauty with Jewellery’ creating unique collections that blur the boundaries between beauty and jewellery.

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H&H - ‘Fusing Beauty with Jewellery’


For this crowd funding project we want to create an affordable range of beauty products that produce the lux metal finish in a 1 part mould to create an accent nail adornment that has not been made anywhere. We want to be the innovators that bring this new beauty craze to the market. We created the precious metal nail craze and didnt even realise what a huge industry we were hitting, it just came about through our love to create, we were not targeting a market or trying to make big money, it was so organic!


So now we want to fulfill our potential to create a buisness and produce a strong team of young like minded creatives to excel in the huge beauty industry and grow a succesful team who thrive though our organic love of design and not be stifled in any way! We feel that this is important in such a trend focused world who revolve around ideals, we want to share our enthusiasm with like minded individuals who wish to see us succeed.


We feel that if superstars like Beyonce, Madonna and Rihanna want to wear our designs then we must be doing something right!


Be part of growing our business from the early stages, we would love you to be part of our story!


see our latest collection behind the scenes fashion video



 We are a small independant business based in the east-end of london. We both juggle our other jobs to fund but also support H&H via our network within the fashion and music industry. They all feed into each other.

H&H creates unique collections that blur the boundaries between beauty and jewellery. Founded by jewellery designer and gemologist Hannah Warner and sculptural make up artist Holly Silius, the blend of their creative forces has delivered a label that challenges what the definition of jewellery is. Originally launched with the first ever debut 3D metal fingernail collection in the world, their collections have adorned the likes of Madonna, Beyonce, Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, Rita Ora and Suki Waterhouse. Inspired by the success of their nails, Hannah and Holly were quick to identify the need for different types of hand and body adornment and have continued to redefine the way jewellery is worn with their following collections.


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....from our metal nail designs we want to create new designs in a more affordable material...



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In addition to creating new sculptural pieces, H&H is looking to collaborate with like minded brands who want to challenge what beauty is and how we create jewellery for the future.


Each piece is handmade and expertly crafted in Hatton Gardens, London.

We're looking to raise £30,000 on crowdfunder.co.uk  to boost our buisness in order to get the moulds made for new designs, create the packaging, employ young new enthusiastic staff for social media, assist on design, pr and in-house sales team and to build into having a larger sustainable buisness which keeps its authenticity.




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