Heyford CC 2020 Crowdfunder

by Heyford Cricket Club in Nether Heyford, England, United Kingdom

Heyford CC 2020 Crowdfunder


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Whilst Heyford CC continues to thrive, 2020 has thrown up challenges. This funding will help our journey and growth in 2020 and beyond.

by Heyford Cricket Club in Nether Heyford, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

  • Have a new Roller in place for the 2021 season
  • Kept the sightscreen improvement plan on track 

Heyford CC is great club. Grown organically from a nomadic, single-team club to the thriving place it is today. 

We are proud to boast:

  • 3 x Senior sides
  • Youth cricket teams
  • All Stars' cricket
  • Fully equipped ground
  • Dedicated (and award winning) ground staff
  • Good teas
  • Amazing annual tours 
  • Cricket played in the right spirit

With careful and skilful management over the last two decades, the club is in a strong position. Due to this great management, and the dedication of the current committee of volunteers, the club has negotiated the COVID-19 crisis remarkably well. 

Nevertheless, this has come at cost. The following income has been lost as result of the difficult circumstances in 2020.

  • Golf Day cancelled (£2,500+)
  • Fun Day cancelled (£750+)
  • Annual Subs waived (£1,000+)
  • Lost Match Fees (£2,000+)
  • Scratch-cards, Social Events, Bar Takings Percentage all lost (£500+)
  • Handbook advertisements waived (£250+)

What does this mean for the club? We need to continue to re-invest, but the following capital expenditures are currently on hold. 

  • New Roller - Our current roller, whilst of great quality, is ancient and parts are long since obsolete. Any major breakdown would be catastrophic for the club, and it does need replacing. Cost - £10,000
  • Sightscreens - The club is investigating the purchase of new sightscreens, either as a replacement or as an addition to the current ones. Cost - £2,500
  • Changing Huts - The changing huts are beginning to deteriorate. These will need upgrading or replacing soon. Cost - £TBC

The lost income will have a significant impact as to both 'if' and 'when' the above projects get delivered. Whilst our capital projects are really important, the day-to-day upkeep of adult and junior cricket will need to take priority for a while. 

We are therefore asking players, friends and supporters to contribute in any way you can. For example, each adult player will have saved over £100 this season (half of this for juniors) in Annual Subs and Match Fees alone. We've not asked for Scratch-cards, Raffle Prizes, Golf Day spots, Sponsorship etc. So, if some of your savings or spare pennies can be put to the cause, Heyford CC's trajectory will continue to head in an exciting upwards direction.


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