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A product that helps inspire little minds and creates a genuine moment of connection with your child.

by Jemma steel in Bramhall, England, United Kingdom

About me & why i started...

Hi I am Jemma, mum to Harvey and owner of a new business start up Hey Happy Ltd.

A labour of love created from a daily gratitude practice I have done, that then became a daily interaction with my baby.

As years have gone by I've gone from speaking these positive observations to my baby to a toddler that then would answer back, he went through the motion of being happy for things to being thankful to being grateful.

The things he acknowledged were not always the most profound, but around 3 he started to say things that were fairly amazing, he started to bring about an awareness of gratitude to me in our everyday life as he would be grateful for the most simple of things...he opened my eyes.

I wanted to bottle up the experience we have had, and with these cards I have been able to with Harveys help.

What I have created...

We have created affirmations, questions, given prompts and encouragements to take the thinking out of a daily practice that creates a positive daily interaction and connection with your child.

These cards can be used as I did from birth, where you speak your gratitude or observations to your child, this although they may not understand the words creates a positive moment of appreciation.a moment both come to enjoy and realise brings you both happiness.

As your child gets older you can ask questions and help by prompting their answers and leading them to situations that you know they will relate to. 

We are going to be giving a donation to a charity Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital as I am currently an ambassador so we will give a £1 for each product sold.

This is a product I hope brings the same level of joy, connection and awareness to parents and children alike. 


My 'why' here is to share our experience to make it easy and accessable ,to help as many others as I can have positive interaction with their children and to help shape the minds of our little ones and encourage a can do growth mindset. And if we can help support a charity as we will be doing along the way that will also bring help to others we will feel truly happy!

So what we are creating...

A box of cards 75....50 of them activity cards, with an affirmation, question, prompt and encouragements.

The box stands , the lid lifts off and a card can be picked with ease on the breakfast table , dining table, by the bed, before the day starts or at the end of your day before bed.

It will retail at £27.99. 

Only one pack per household is needed ,no matter how many children.

What our product looks like...





What this money will go towards...

Due to the pandemic I have been furloughed since March, and it has put the project on hold due to funds. I need to complete some elements of design and website functionality.

The stretch target would allow for me to start the next stage of development 


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