Hey Girls Launch

by Celia Hodson in Dunbar, Scotland, United Kingdom

Hey Girls Launch
We did it
On 1st August 2017 we successfully raised £565 with 23 supporters in 28 days

Buy One Give One -Sanitary towels for girls in schools in the UK

by Celia Hodson in Dunbar, Scotland, United Kingdom

 We believe that access to sanitary products is a right not a privilege and together we know we can make a huge difference!

So for every pack of Hey Girls sani pads we sell we give a pack away to a girl in need in the UK.


New research has shown that British girls from low-income families are missing school thanks to their periods, because they simply can’t afford tampons and pads.

High numbers of female students are skipping school because they can not afford period products. These girls often rely on teachers to provide them with tampons and pads, and ended up skipping when their teachers didn’t have supplies.

We know it can be embarrassing to ask parents for period products. And when girls come from low-income families, the knowledge that they’ll be costing their family money can adds to this shame and make them create makeshift pads from toilet roll rather than asking for essential sanitary items.

Hey Girls is still at the start-up phase, and we require your support to raise the £ 20,000 buy our first container load of towels so we can start giving them away to girls who really need them in schools and girls groups in the UK . 

Sanitary products are made by the hundred thousand, and three hundred thousand is the smallest amount we can order from the factory to ensure we get 100% organic, these then need to be shipped, stored, packaged and transported to stores across the UK . It all adds up to a pretty penny which is why we need your support with our first shipment.

Having been a single parent of three children, two of which were girls, I understand the struggle of bringing up a family on benefits. I appreciate the fine balancing act that goes into managing a tight budget and providing for your kids so they don’t feel different from their peers. So I know that sometimes buying a prettily branded pack of 10 sanitary towels means the family are on oven chips and nuggets that week. There was no help to cover the cost of sanitary protection when I was bringing up my girls and twenty years on there’s no help now - lots of chatter but no real support for girls from low income families or those facing barriers to accessing sanitary towels in the UK when they need it most. So I decided, with my two daughters, that it was time to do something about it. 

Hey Girls is a new social enterprise that will retail 100% organic sanitary towels on a Buy One and Give One model. We provide free sanitary towels and educational resources with the aim of assisting girls everywhere in the UK to manage menstruation in a way that doesn’t put them at risk of infection.

The Hey Girls retail products will compete with mainstream sanitary products in stores, supermarkets and online. Our towels will provide an alternative shopping experience to those wishing to make a difference with the items they purchase for themselves by “buying social” and knowing that they are doing good directly via each pack they buy. Hey Girls project includes:

  • Buy One sanitary towel sales
  • Give One towels donations
  • Educational Workshops
  • Information packs

Hey Girls is about helping girls everywhere in the UK to manage menstruation in a way that doesn’t put them at risk of infections that will go untreated.  More specifically, it’s about reproductive health, and keeping girls healthy through puberty.

And Hey Girls is about keeping girls safe and making sure that they have access to information that helps them understand the connection between menstruation and fertility.

And, Hey Girls is about education.  It’s about helping girls to go to school each month while they have their periods, when they didn’t before.   It’s about staying in school, rather than dropping out, when they reach menarche. 

Hey Girls is about ensuring a generation and future generations of educated and empowered women who had the tools to overcome cultural taboo about menstruation, and made the choice to go to school.

And more than that, it’s about an equitable chance at well-being for girls everywhere. 

Hey Girls is about girls being able to live their lives without fear of stigma or shame one week out of every month and then every day after.  It’s about girls not being made to feel inferior, impure, disgusting, or unworthy – and ensuring that they grow up proud, confident, strong women that help lead their communities.

How would our lives change if we didn’t have cheap, safe, undetectable methods for catching blood flow every month?  What would we use instead?  Would we go to school or to work, or would we just stay home? 



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