Together We’ll Be Heroes of Hunger & Boost the NHS

by Ben & Vicky in Leeming Bar, England, United Kingdom

Together We’ll Be Heroes of Hunger & Boost the NHS


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To give the every frontline doctor and nurse in the NorthEast a much needed energy boost with cake, donate much needed cash to foodbanks.

by Ben & Vicky in Leeming Bar, England, United Kingdom

“Alone we can do a little; together we can do so much” - Helen Keller.

Our Aim:

To raise enough money each week for ingredients to make 100’s of Brownies and dairy & gluten free Apple & Cinnamon muffins for  every frontline doctor and nurse in the North East will have a quick release energy boost. Any surplus donations will go to foodbanks across the region.

Boosting the NHS with Brownies!

We have no doubt that the entire nation are feeling helpless right now, and long to be able to contribute to the gargantuan task that faces our NHS heroes on the front line. Ben and I are in a very fortunate position to be able to do something as we have a patisserie business but we need your help! 

Our aim is to make 100’s of brownies & muffins every week (for all dietry requirements) until this is over, to give the frontline doctors and nurses an quick releasing energy boost on a quick 2 minute break, and we would love to reach every single doctor and nurse in the North East.

At the very start of this pandemic we were making all sorts of freshly made cakes and pastries and delivering to those self isolating & then in subsequent lockdown. However, after a few weeks, we re-evaluated what was most important at this moment in time and decided to focus all our resources on helping the entire region.

Together we can be heroes of hunger!

Now we make luxury bespoke chocolates and high end pastries for a living. However, only a short time ago, before our success, we had no choice but to use foodbanks. Even then, with free movement, foodbanks were struggling to feed those most in need. Now, more than ever, it is fundamentally important to support foodbanks as more and more families turn to them as their last resort for survival.

Please give what you can, if it’s £1 or £10 every single penny you are kind enough to donate will be used to help people.

Thank you so much. Stay safe & Keep well ????

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Let's make 'Together We’ll Be Heroes of Hunger & Boost the NHS' happen

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