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A new short film about a boy called Theo who wakes up with a imaginary Superhero in his bedroom. His mission? To find Theo's super power!

by Holly McClellan in Stoke On Trent, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Extra money means more set, a wider range of locations outside of Stoke On Trent we can travel to!

As a second year film student at Staffordshire University, my first project is to create a fiction film. Instantly i got an idea about imagination, childhood, super heroes. I thought about who are my heroes in life, and definitely my Nan and Grandad are my biggest heroes. So i created this story...

Theo wakes up with a Superhero in his bedroom, his mission is to find out his superpower. they go outside to play but something is not right, he discovers there is something wrong with his Mother. after some time Theo cannot find his Superhero, but how will he react when his Mother tells him his idol, his best friend, his Grandad has passed away. While flashbacks rush through Theo’s mind, trying to cope with the news, his Superhero walks into the room and reveals that it is his Grandad. This is the time that Theo says goodbye to his Grandad forever.

This story is something that i really want to be proud of, not only is it a little bit about how i was a child having imaginary friends and pretending my Grandad was a troll who chased me round the playground for hours while we laughed, but it's also a story which can relate to anyone and can bring out emotion.

With the help of some funding i can make sure actors don't drop out and are more dedicated by helping them pay their travel expenses, i can look for a perfect location, i can get the most realistic props to make the set for natural.

I'm so excited for this project and thank you for the support you will bring!


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