Hernia Operation Before Moving to New Zealand

by Jessica Valentine in Speke, England, United Kingdom

Hernia Operation Before Moving to New Zealand


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To fund an urgent Spigelian hernia operation so that I can continue my plans and move to New Zealand.

by Jessica Valentine in Speke, England, United Kingdom

Six months ago I made the bold decision to apply for a working visa, buy a one-way ticket and leave my hometown of Liverpool to move to New Zealand. My flight is booked for October, but all my planning is about to come crashing down before I've even boarded the plane. A month ago I was diagnosed with a Spigelian hernia and I've been advised it needs to be treated before I can travel. If I don't, I face serious health implications as it can become strangulated, not to mention the financial mess I'd be in as I'm unlikely to get health insurance to cover a pre-existing condition.

I can't begin to explain how much this move means to me, even though it's scary because I'm doing it all on my own. Ever since I was a kid, I've dreamt of exploring the world and not just for a holiday. I want to make a new life for myself so I’ve spent the last six months working 40+ hour weeks to save enough to get me there and cover my costs while I look for work and continue my studies.

Unfortunately, NHS waiting times mean I wouldn't be able to have the operation in time to catch my flight. Delaying my trip for a couple of months really isn't an option, as it would mean I'd land in New Zealand in the middle of summer when all the job and housing possibilities have long dried up. After New Zealand, my plan is to apply for a university place in Australia to study counselling, which would give me the potential to live there on a much longer basis. For those who don't know me, it was last year that I realised I wanted to be a counsellor after completing my degree in psychology and volunteering at the Alder Centre, which supports families who have suffered the loss of the child, as they supported me and my family.

As you can imagine, this hernia has pretty much screwed up my plans for the next few years. I can either cancel my lifelong dream or opt for private treatment.

I've found a surgeon who can perform the operation before I go but this is at a private hospital and the hernia surgery costs £2900, plus my consultation fee which has already cost £150. I really wanted to do this for myself, by myself. But now I need help. Any donation towards the cost of surgery will mean the world to me, as it will help me one day train to become a counsellor and help others.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, 

Jess x

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