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Making great heritage projects happen on Crowdfunder

Crowdfunding for the protection of our heritage is about enriching lives and making communities stronger. 

When we give our time, money and attention to neglected landmarks, languages and traditions, we help to restore local pride. 

Through crowdfunding we have the extraordinary potential to connect individuals, communities, charities and businesses to maintain our heritage for the next generation.

And there's well over £2million of extra funding available for projects, with up to an additional £125,000 available for great heritage protection projects on Crowdfunder.

So what's yours?

We had a fantastic experience with Crowdfunder, and found the support from the outset was a huge boost to our campaign.

Graham Galloway, DD8 Music
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What type of heritage projects are on Crowdfunder?

Saving historic sites

Saving historic sites

More and more people are using the power of the Crowd to bring to life the places that mean a lot to their community, just like Liverpool's bombed out church. Over 500 supporters came together to raise £20,060 and keep the church open to the public.

Maintaining our environment

Maintaining our environment

Crowdfunder has helped hundreds of projects to take care of the environment around them for the next generation to enjoy. With the help of over 700 supporters, The Hillyfield raised £36,328 to maintain the beautiful Dartmoor Woodland.

Paying tribute to our idols

Paying tribute to our idols

Increasingly, people are crowdfunding for assets and monuments that celebrate a part of their area's heritage. When DD8 Music crowdfunded to bring a statue of AC/DC's Bon Scott to Kirriemuir, 117 supporters pledged over £50,000 to make it happen.

Keeping culture alive

Keeping culture alive

Through Crowdfunder, many places around the country are fighting to keep their local culture alive, just like the Cornish Language Radio. The team raised £5,160 with the help of 162 backers inside 42 days to get their Kernow radio on air.

Saving the things that matter most

Saving the things that matter most

People are turning to crowdfunding to urgently save the places and things that matter most to them and their community. Swanage Pier was damaged following many years of adverse sea conditions, but after raising £18,635 from the Crowd, the pier can now be restored.

How does it work?

You have an idea to work within your community, so what's next? Start by gathering support for what you're doing.

Next tell your story and share your vision on your Crowdfunder project page. This is your chance to tell the world what you're up to.

Once you've worked out how much money you need, start to think about ways to reward your supporters.

Cost effective

Once you hit your target you're just about ready to go - first check whether you're eligible for extra funding through us.

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Mend Our Mountains

We wanted the campaign to feel like a real community effort, our 'outdoor world' pulling together for a great cause.