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Our aim is to use spare resource within our industry to create a platform to help with the mental health of our front line NHS staff.

by Here to Hear in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Extra money will enable this project to move even faster than the 6 week turnaround time proposed.

It will also enable us to reach as many key workers as possible during these unprecedented times. 



Here to Hear is a new online portal proposal, designed to give NHS front-line staff an urgently needed first-aid approach to their own mental health for free – by connecting to potentially thousands of spare face-to-face consultancy hours of professional psychologists, which has become available because of Covid-19.

We risk losing 300,000 vital workers after this pandemic, with half of healthcare workers saying their mental health has deteriorated since the Covid-19 crisis began.1 

“This is a traumatic stress mountain that’s developing, and we should learn from experiences of our armed forces following conflicts, that the earlier proper intervention is offered, the lower the level of permanent mental damage.” Dr Gillam, Senior Medical Staff

 42% of healthcare professions across the UK say government has not done enough to support their mental health, and 60 per cent feel rectifying this is a key priority going forward.2


Your support would not only enable us to fulfil this urgent need, but to do it at pace. What you’re investing in is the mental wellbeing and future of those looking after us: 71% of younger NHS workers (aged 18 to 34) say their mental health is worse since COVID-19.1. 

The portal will achieve this by housing two key, but currently unconnected components for proper therapy to be given:

  • Appointment finding and booking system, where psychologists have made their time available – for free
  • Secure face-to-face video portal to allow true counselling on an individual basis

Based on the number of registered clinical psychologists in the UK and our understanding of their commitment to support the frontline, Here to Hear could feasibly offer thousands of free counselling sessions per week.

Our mission is to provide much more than just a helpline.


It is essential to do this properly, as more than one in five healthcare workers are likely to leave their role after the pandemic. This would be the equivalent of losing 300,000 vital NHS workers.1 

Our roadmap to completion is entirely achievable by mid-June, with these critical milestones:

Prototype buildUser testingRapid refinementFull buildLaunch

Alongside the platform we are building partnerships with the representative bodies of psychology, nursing, healthcare in general, as well as publicity driving.

To be clear, this is not a profit-making scheme. Your donations would simply cover the basic cost of the team that will build Here to Hear within 6 weeks. Investment should be considered donation to a crisis situation. Unlike a wider charity donation, this is directly addressing a need with a tangible and innovative solution.

YouGov’s call for ‘Care Fit for Carers’ starts here, with a renewed approach to mental health. Here to Hear will provide ‘...bespoke and personalised interventions – including therapy – to the care sector will be a critical intervention.2’

Help us to do this. Our frontline needs to know there's someone here to hear them.

1 YouGov, IPPR thinktank poll, April 2020

2 Care fit for carers, thinktank poll, IPPR Report, April 2020

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