Hereford Cycle Hub

Hereford Cycle Hub

To open an educational cycle workshop supported by a cafe and commercial workshop to promote opportunities, health and a greener lifestyle

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hereford Cycle Hub


There is a recognisable need for social redevelopment in Herefordshire and we are intent on doing something about it.

Through Crowdfunder we would like to open a Community/Educational bicycle workshop supported by a cafe and commercial workshop.

We aim to be a focal point for cycling within our county with a focus on independence, health and awareness.

What will we be offering?

 Programs will vary from our Earn-a-Bike scheme, pop up Cycle Surgeries to Basic Maintenance evenings and while we aim to prioritise for people in need of transport, the schemes will be open to all.


Our Earn-a-bike scheme is aimed at individuals who want to improve their lives. People working towards employment, further education or recovering from illness, injury, addiction, incarceration or similar would benefit massively from this program.

When you have limited finances and difficulty finding means of transport around the county, it can mean missing crucial appointments, interviews and placements. Hereford Cycle Hub will strive to get you mobile on a beautiful whip of your own and give you the ability to maintain your mobility.

Under guidance of one of our technicians, the service user will take one of our donated bikes and learn how to:

Strip the bike – Identify any issues – Repair – Rebuild.

The service user can then take the bike away with a sense of freedom, independence and achievement.

Other community programs...

Maintenance evenings

Free workshops aimed at those wanting to gain knowledge and experience of how to repair and maintain their own bikes.

Donated bikes for children

Applications accepted to give a child the gift of a bike. These can be children that have either recovered from a long term serious illness or have suffered the loss of a parent or sibling.

Dr Bike sessions

Community bicycle repair pop-ups taking place all over the county.

Ride outs

Having fun is also high up on the list for us so there will be weekly social ride outs, either on the road or going off to explore the region on mountain bikes.

What will the money pay for?

The money we are asking for will pay for equipment, utilities and our first year's rent.

Wages and the ability to become self sufficient will be generated from the cafe and commercial workshop.

Our cafe, serving quality yet affordable food and drink, will be a great place for like-minded groups and individuals. The workshop will be manned by experienced, qualified technicians offering servicing, repairs and educational programs that run weekly.

Thank you very much for paying us a visit. If you want to see positive change in the world then please do something positive today and help us improve the county we call home. 


"We worked with the Cycle Hub and West Mercia Police on an Earn-a-Bike scheme for 12-18 year olds. Our service users thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and had a lot of fun whilst gaining new skills for life. The project helped people to gain independence as well as create a sense of achievement. I wholeheartedly support this new venture."
Rebecca Ashton, Former Manager, Newton Farm Community Association 

"I had a great day with the Cycle Hub. I learned so many new skills. I'm so glad I can fix my own bike now."
Molly Kelly, Service User, Student
"Utilising the stunning backdrop of rural Herefordshire, the Cycle Hub encourages and supports all abilities of cyclists, from beginners to experienced riders, and recreational users to commuters to get on their bikes. This project will enable more residents to be healthy in a fun and supportive way and put Herefordshire on the map as a cycling hotspot. Good luck!"
Sarah James, Employability & Skills Manager, BCHA