Herbalists against Fracking

Herbalists against Fracking

We are a team of Medical Herbalists committed to supporting the anti-fracking movement. We have voluntarily set up a free herbal clinic at Barton Moss Community Protection Camp, Salford to improve the health and wellbeing of the brave and dedicated environmental protectors. We have donated much energy, time, love, herbal medicines and equipment to this clinic but need extra funds to sustain the project. We intend to move onto further anti-fracking sites after Barton Moss finishes to continue supporting the protectors and do our bit to prevent the fracking of our land.

We did it!

On 17th Mar 2014 we successfully raised £645 of £500 target with 41 supporters in 28 days

We are a team of Medical Herbalists from around the north west of England committed to supporting the anti-fracking movement.  We want to do our bit to fight fracking so have decided to use our skills and knowledge to set up a free herbal clinic at Barton Moss Community Protection Camp, Salford to support and look after the health and wellbeing of the environmental protectors on-site.

There is a core team of four of us voluntarily running the clinic, and we have each donated lots of herbal medicines, bottles, materials and equipment.  We have also received donations from herbal colleagues who wish to support us.  We have had some contributions from a couple of companies, but all our funds have now been spent on stocking the dispensary.  We desperately need more income to buy more herbs and materials, as we are getting through them in no time at all. 

We are wild women herbalists and part of our vision is to educate the protectors how to use the plants growing around them to keep themselves healthy, but this is difficult in the winter as everything has died back, and we have to rely on buying herbs in For the time-being.

When the Barton Moss site closes we will move the clinic onto other fracking protest sites ourselves, or if they are too far away, we will pass the dispensary onto other more local herbalists who want to run the clinic.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but borrow it from our children.  We are fighting to keep the earth healthy for our children, keep their water safe to drink, their air safe to breathe, so that they and subsequent generations can live happily and healthily on the land.  Please support us to heal our plant protectors so they can protect our healing plants and the rest of our environment.

Any amount will help us, even if just a couple of quid, so please, please donate and help us do our job in healing plants/earth and healing people.

Rewards...the greatest reward would be knowing that you have contributed towards protecting our land, keeping it safe and clean for our children, with drinking water that is safe to drink and air that is safe to breathe.  What greater rewards are there? However we realise there has to be some incentive for you to back us, so for £5 you will receive an email update on clinic happenings, for £10 you will also receive a small bag of Barton Moss Clinic relaxation tea, for £25 you will receive the previous items plus a 100ml bottle of Barton Moss Clinic super cough busting syrup, for £50 you will receive an email, cough medicine, relaxation tea plus the Barton Moss Clinic instant effect sore throat relieving spray, and for £100 you will receive all the previous products plus a 100ml bottle of Barton Moss Clinic stress relief tincture.  Please contribute to this important and very worthy cause.

Many thanks and blessed be,

Danielle, Edwina, Zoe and Zoe xxxxx

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