HERA supports Breakfast for Freedom
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

HERA UK supports women's survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery. In addition to TEN4TEN, we are supporting Breakfast for Freedom!

HERA is supporting Breakfast for Freedom because the money raised will support many charities that are working to end slavery and support the survivors of it! 

At HERA, supporting survivors is what we do and we are passionate to see their hopes and goals come into view, by providing business and entrepreneurship training as well as a mentoring programme. 

Breakfast for Freedom is a fun way to spread awareness with your friends, family, colleagues and social media followers. We want to see more people become aware of the injustice of slavery and its occurance today, so whether you are fundraising for the TEN4TEN or getting creative in the kitchen, we thank you for your support!  

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