Henri Le Worm Community Garden

We wish to create an interactive children's garden at this year's Hampton Court Flower Show, then relocate it to an urban area.

We did it!

On 18th May 2015 we successfully raised £5,290 of £5,000 target with 23 supporters in 68 days

New stretch target

Hello, we would split any extra money between a local charity based in Surrey called Starlight & paying for any final plants/structures for the community garden in Charlton. Starlight do amazing work granting last wishes to terminally ill children and it would give us enormous pleasure to be able to help them in any way.

Many thanks again for your generosity,

Oli Blanc

This project is about creating an interactive kid's garden at this year's Hampton Court Flower Show, the largest flower show in the world and then moving it to the site of our first community garden in Charlton S.E London.

The garden will be project managed by the ex Blue Peter gardner and hortuiculturlist Chris Collins.  The garden will comprise of five sections, a central cooking demo area in the middle topped off with a 3 metre wicker sculpture of Henri, a livestock area, a schools demo garden area, a recipe garden and an edible garden.

We can also confirm celebrated chef Raymond Blanc will be performing a live cooking demo using ingredients from the garden on press day 29th June.  We also hope to have a visit from the actor Simon Pegg who voices the characters from the app.  One of our aims is to create a series of interactive children's gardens in urban areas throughout the UK.  The gardens are to be used with local schools as part of a cross curricular approach to teaching and then outside of school times they would be open to the wider community to enjoy. We will create a garden with longevity,  that fires the imagination, whilst educating and entertaining at the same time.


Project aim

Imagination, lots of fun and education are the primary elements we will be integrating into our interactive children's garden at this year's Hampton Court Flower Show. We will then move it to a working farm in Charlton, SE London, where we will create the first of hopefully many community gardens to be used by schools, so the project has real longevity! The gardens are to be used with local schools as part of a cross curricular approach to teaching where the children can learn about cooking, history, geography and the sciences.  We also hope that the gardens will provide safe spaces within urban areas for the children to enjoy outside of term time, as well as being open to the wider community.

About Us


Henri Le Worm is a new educational brand aimed at encouraging young children to engage with food and nature.  There is an app available, "Henri Le Worm & the Missing Cookbook," as well as a free website at www.henrileworm.com and of course we are starting the community garden project.  We passionately believe in educating through entetainment and want to re-establish the link between plot to pot.  To date we have had  fantastic feedback where the app is being used in schools as a teaching tool for cooking.  I have included a couple of excerpts below of some casetudies which detail this- my proudest moment so far! 


Name: A2

Age: 7

Gender: Boy

Ethnicity: white British

A2 is an average achieving boy who comes from a very complicated and difficult home life. In year one A2 had developed a reputation for being a difficult child who would constantly break the rules. A2 has made a lot of progress in the five months which he has been in year 2. However, I do believe that some of the credit has to go to the cross curricular work we did with an app called ‘Henri Le Worm’. A2 would often find groups of children to recreate the story with during playtimes which is a real step up from the boy who used to chase and scare those same children. It was always difficult to take A2 out of the classroom for his lessons as he would take this as an opportunity to misbehave. However during our two week numeracy challenge based on cooking healthy meals with food found in the app, A2 was able to visit the kitchen on four separate occasionsand behave appropriately throughout. He learnt how to safely chop, cut, slice and prepare different vegetables despite being quite scared of using a knife, he also now has a more increased knowledge of healthy food. A2 has continued to make progress in his school life and will often speak very passionately about the app and the characters in it. Despite finding retaining information tricky A2 has made significant progress in this too. He even states that he is cleverer than Sebastian the intelligent slug and that’s saying something!


Name: A

Age: 5

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Turkish

Child A is an average achieving girl with a stable home life. However, her parents speak little English and do not like to engage with the class teacher unless specifically required to do so. Child A brings a packed lunch from home as her parents have instructed her not to eat any food from school as she is Turkish and so must eat different or separate food. Child A was very quiet with little confidence, rarely speaking in class or sharing her opinions.

When we introduced Henri le Worm, child A engaged with the animations and the idea of cooking your own food. Child A agreed to try out some of the recipes in our school’s teaching kitchen and initially would not eat but only smell the food she made, but after assurances were made she consented to try some. The healthy ingredients, coupled with the skill and knowledge to prepare her own healthy food led child A to go home and share her learning with her parents. Child A had the confidence to tell them which foods were healthy for her and which were not, resulting in much healthier and more appropriate foods in her lunch box.  This is all thanks to Henri le Worm. The bravery child A showed in approaching and educating her parents about healthy eating has led to her increased confidence in speaking in class and sharing her opinions. This has filtered into her writing where she is now able to carefully “think it, say it then write it” whereas before Henri would not get past the “think it” stage. Child A is now the model of diligence, secure in her abilities and confident to try new things.


Many thanks for taking the time to read this & for any support you can offer,

Olivier Blanc

Managing Director HLW


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