Hemp tea heaven

Hemp tea heaven

Hemp tea heaven. Raising funds to turn hemp tea into a refined product ready for supermarkets.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


I suffer from chronic pain and insomnia, after years of struggling I finally came across something that actually aided with my pain without making me drowsy and knocking me out. Although you do experience a deep relaxing sensation akin to meditation when you make a brew using this fine hemp it is never something that alters your mind. 

It doesn't taste  too great but the best medicine isn't supposed to. The way around that is cured by adding herbal teabag's ginger and lemon mint whatever you fancy along with a teaspoon of honey around an hour before sleep. Then let it work it's magic as it calm's you down aiding sleep

So much evidence suggests that our body is supposed to be taking in cannabonoids (look up our endocannabonoid system), and nobody can argue the medicinal and therapeutic value of CBD. Widespread recognition of this information is long overdue, join the rational people who understand the power of this plant and the value it holds for all of its almost unbelievable list of uses.

Well suited for anyone from someone who wants a nice and relaxing cup of tea all the way to someone suffering with a serious illness seeking relief from pain and anxiety.

The buds are nice with a very natural smell and appearance. And now it's time to get this product out there and reach it's full potential. I need initial funds for placing a large order from the manufacturer, branding, marketing campaign and R&D. I am investing £8,250 of my own money and anyone who wants to jump on this hype train now is the best time, before you're called a hipster when this product dominates the tea market!




Disclaimer: I don't own the product in the picture and this is not what I am requesting funds for.