Helpzilla Small Business Admin Solution

by Helpzilla in Linlithgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Helpzilla Small Business Admin Solution
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To work with local small businesses and start ups with the basics to keep their admin up to date so they can get on with the important stuff

by Helpzilla in Linlithgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

  • Me and the Business!

I am a single mum who has missed most of her kids lives because of having to work full time. I am ready to use all my experience to help others not do the same. Family is key to your mental health and the next generation is in your hands. After 18 years of admin and finance experience I now want to offer this to struggling self employed small and mobile businesses. Doing all the admin tasks that stop them from focusing on their business and spending time with their families. The annoying paperwork, bank recs and just chasing up on payments. No matter how small. 

The promise that your marriage will improve 76.82% when your spouse doesn't need to be your personal PA 24/7 anymore and you offer to take the kids to football or ballet!

 For every hour spent on admin, 3 hours are taken away from the business or family. I also offer personalised touches for free like a 'mobile' filing system and a promise to remind you of all important anniversaries and birthdays! And the ultimate...the I'm sorry I forgot flowers!! 

During my research and start-up I happened to come across the which I randomly entered and became a finalist!! So here I am!

  • The Funding of a Dream

The money being raised is to allow me to have stability and time to build and advertise my business. My home will be my office for the foreseeable future so I am able to invest more time to build up within my community than spend my hours travelling in and out and more time to annoy my children who are not used to my presence Monday to Friday daytime! :-)

With this money I would be in an immediate position to offer my services free of charge to a local hands on charity. On top of this I am really hoping to launch an apprenticeship starter charity/organisation for the exact type of business I'm looking to help. I appreciate there great Government offers and help but I would like to form something that the kids can understand, relate to and be attracted to. 

Example : Offer to pay for the full expense of a young girl straight out of school spending hours with a self employed nail tech and pay towards exams. And help the young girl keep her drive to develop a love for her new career so she enjoys every moment and becomes the best she can be. To attract businesses to get involved by offering them my or an associate service. Offering them a few free Virtual Assistant hours. A lot of research for this is underway at the moment.

  • The Charity

West Lothian Group RDA Charity Number SC028635

I asked West Lothian RDA to join me in this competition journey and they happily said yes! They are a local based charity who offers therapeutic rides, lessons and outrides to the disabled community. This is a beautiful initiative which I feel needs more notice and more media attention. Their volunteers work tirelessly to keep everything running come rain or shine, with pride and smiles. They have recently lost three of their horses to grass sickness which has hit them hard both emotionally and financially.


***Please see more about this charity and what their goal is in the extended target section***

I am giving 10% of all donations made here to them.

  • The Bribe

For everyone who donates I am offering a free advertising push on all my pages and on the community pages I am on for businesses offering and looking for services (The networking world of the Virtual Assistant) the promise of the charity donation as above and a useful(ish) Christmas gift! See the rewards page for more.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

£25 and Over Reward

A little Christmas present to say thank you! May be cheesy but useful!

£1 or more

All Donations Reward

10% of all donations to West Lothian RDA.

£20 or more

£20 and Over Reward

Business push on all my Social Media platforms and networks. End date is set but I will do this as donations come in as a thank you.

£55 or more

£55 Reward

I will offer one of my packages of services for your business. From one to multiple hours depending on donation amount.

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