Help a much loved greengrocers and fishmongers

Our aim is to raise £25k in order to keep a much loved local, community based fishmongers and greengrocers alive in Forest Hill.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


My name is Stephen Waters and I am the owner of Waters SE23.

Having worked under a huge corporate umbrella for 21 years, effectively running a small business for other people, I wanted to follow my passion for nutrition and sustainability while providing for my young family.

After finishing in the money markets, leaving New York after 7 years, my wife, 3 children and I spent a year in Ireland where I helped my mother and father set up a tapas restaurant (a dream of theirs). This experience lit a fire inside of me to pursue a business that I would be equally passionate about.

And that’s where this story really begins…

I started my business, a much needed fishmongers and greengrocers in my local area of Forest Hill, as an alternative to the faceless supermarket chains that are increasingly surrounding us. My passion and aim has always been to bring the local community together with their love for, and their right to have a broader range, a better quality and a greater, nutritional supply of fresh fish, vegetables and fruit.


We have made some very dear friends in such a short space of time and those of you who visit us on a regular basis have heard some of our development plans alongside our strong belief in what we hope to achieve based on our ethos of seasonality and sustainability. Be it, expanding the range that we offer even further, selling locally made produce, continuing our zero waste policy and even our long term plan of hosting pop-up evenings in our beloved courtyard.

However, it was always going to be a financial risk for myself, starting this new venture on my own. I single handedly raised two thirds of the capital needed and I am now faced with the challenge of raising the final third of funding.

So as a business that was set up to provide a very locally based and environmentally friendly offering I am asking you, the community surrounding us, to support the business with a much needed capital injection to sustain and develop what we at Waters SE23 are trying to achieve.

Long term goals include creating a platform in order to target envorinmental and health conscious people including, schools, parent and child groups, local fitness groups, the art community and like-minded small, independent businesses – anyone who feels they would benefit from nutritious and healthy food.

By donating, you will not only be supporting the local businesses that we already supply to, but the local customers that rely on us for quality, fresh ingredients as well as the continued employment of the passionate and experienced staff that work here at Waters SE23.

This business means the world to the whole team here and we know that it has enhanced the local area, as you’ve told us yourselves! So, with a little help from each of you, I hope that we can make it work well for all of us and keep our ever thriving community growing. We hope you feel inspired by our cause.

Many thanks

Stephen Waters and the Waters SE23 Team