In aid of Chino

In aid of Chino

This project has been set up to inspire others to open their heart and help Chino's family bury Chino. Chino needs our help.

We did it!

On 16th Dec 2015 we successfully raised £765 with 28 supporters in 56 days

Chino Moses Richard was born 06/06/1995 and lived till the tender age of 20. Chino died on the 09/10/2015 due to epilepsy. Chino who was born a twin, the eldest of the pair which consisted of Chino and Uchenna Richard. Chino was born a free spirit and savoured every moment of his childhood. He was a fun loving, gentle natured, patient child who made the best of what he had as opposed to complaining about the hardships him and his family faced everyday due to housing issues and an estranged father. Chino has always been the member of his family who brought peace and love into the household no matter what challenges he faced. Chino began to suffer with severe seizures and was shortly after diagnosed with epilepsy at 13. Chino struggled with seizures and memory loss due to the ferocity of his seizures. He also was bullied by other children in the community because of their lack of tolerance for his condition. However Chino didn't give up, he was committed to living a life that could inspire other people to go beyond their circumstances and challenges. So although Chino spent a lot of time in and out of hospital, which negatively impacted his education and social life, he still was committed to his health, as he believed that everything happens for a reason and no one gets more than they can handle. Just days before his passing Chino had managed to secure his first job and had enrolled on a few courses to help expand his creativity such as T-shirt/ Mug printing and media studies.


Some of his passions, included:

  1. Writing a novel about a mystical celestial world where people elevate based on the purity of their heart
  2. Producing a screen play and soundtrack for the Novel
  3. Meeting other creative’s and revolutionary minds
  4. Training in athletics
  5. Improving his health and spending more time in nature


Chino is such a rarity in this world, from his super intelligence, free spirit, phenomenal awareness, unconditional love for nature, the animals, people and life, his forgiving nature, his acceptance of others and his optimism. It is for this reason that Chino's untimely death at such a young age has been such a major shock to his mum, sister, twin brother and younger siblings. This is the last thing they need as a family who have been facing great odds. Chino’s family need as much love, prayers, support and financial assistance as possible right now.


This project has been set up to inspire others to open their heart and support the family in giving the Young Prince Chino a befitting home going. The family need support paying for funeral expenses, which are proving to be very expensive. We know our financial assistance will not bring Chino Moses Richard back but it will help lessen the financial demands of Chino's funeral on the family. Please donate as much as you can to help the family bury their son and brother without getting into any more financial difficulty. Any additional funds will be used to establish a foundation for other people especially the young suffering with epilepsy or any of the identity disorders that affect sufferers as a result.


Thanks in advance, in Loving memory of A Unique Soul Chino Moses Richard.



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