Help pay for Theo’s vet bills

by Bex Wheeler in Delta, British Columbia, Canada

Help pay for Theo’s vet bills


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My super sweet rescue adeveloped health issues, seemingly out of nowhere, and being on disability means I’m taking a huge hit from the bill

by Bex Wheeler in Delta, British Columbia, Canada

1632501303_785cc49c-7b2b-4b4a-aecd-8fa7ea3be092.jpegOn September 23, my normally super sweet, energetic, food-loving cat stopped eating and drinking completely and would barely move as well as growling at me when I would touch him. We took him to the vet thinking he might have some stomach issues only to find out he had a severe bladder plug and lots of sediment in his urine, meaning he will have to be on a special diet for the rest of his life, as well as being FAR younger than I was told.

I got him as a rescue in January from a friend who was told to give the cat they were cat sitting to the SPCA as the owner no longer felt capable to take care of a cat, who instead gave him to me knowing I’ve been wanting a cat of my own for a long time. At the time, I was told he was 1-1.5y/o, and was later told he was possibly 2.5 when I got him. So I ask the vet to check to be sure, and he’s maybe just over a year old as of now. He was fed a terrible diet before coming to me, including human food which was likely not appropriate for cats.

Now being September 24, the bills have cost almost $1000 and he’s back in today since he didn’t use his box all night and is in pain again. His kidneys are being affected and I’m terrified of how quickly he’s deteriorated in the past 24h. I’m aiming for $3000 so I can get ahead on his semi-yearly bloodwork and his new food, I’m on disability assistance and can’t work and I don’t know how I’m going to pay for rent let alone food for myself. Please, anything helps even just sharing

Update, 8:30pm sept 24

It’s not looking good. He’s home again for the night, this time with a drip catheter, and is near catatonic. In half the amount of time, he had almost the same amount of crystals as when he first went in. He goes back for 9:30 tomorrow morning to get the catheter out and get another look over. 

He’s still in the base of his carrier, I took the top off so I can watch him and he has a towel under his backside that will be changed every few hours to keep him from getting a rash. And with the catheter, I have to keep him hydrated because it’s coming out regardless, so I’ll be syringing water into him every hour since he won’t move. I’ll keep trying to get him to eat when he’s awake, but he did eat while there so he won’t be going more than 24h if he won’t eat tonight. 

I’ll update if anything happens tonight, otherwise it’ll be when I next hear from the vet.

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