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PostTea Pop Up

PostTea, an award-winning luxury tea based online gift service, has been offered a chance to 'pop-up' in The Mall, Camberley in July 2013. Supported by Pop Up Britain, the shop in Camberley will give PostTea the unique opportunity to get our products in front of 170k shoppers every week, and experience the thrill of a physical retail space. Help us secure our space, get our advertising underway, and create a memorable PostTea experience in store. PostTea - not just a Brew in a Box, but now a Brew in a Box, in a Shop!

We did it!

On 25th Jun 2013 we successfully raised £935 of £500 target with 20 supporters in 28 days


Now that we've reached our £500 target we'd love to go even further, and try and double the amount of money already pledged!

As PostTea is about the experience of drinking tea, we'd like to introduce two further goals to this pitch!

1) £750 total raised – the extra £250 would be spent on developing a PostTea subscription service. Love Tea? Then have it delivered to your home or office one a week or month; explore our loose leaf and bagged tea ranges in the comfort of your own home. Whilst I already have a lot of the stock needed to enable this, I would need to source new packaging streamline my postage and packaging processes.

2) £1000 raised – If I managed to reach this I’d be ecstatic!! I’d also like PostTea to operate as a fully mobile unit; I’d like to be able to bring PostTea to you at home in two formats. The first, a tea tasting journey around the tea growing nations, sampling the finest teas, and learning more about how tea is grown and made. The second, a tea blending experience – learn to make your own signature tea blend, using the finest ingredients and learning all about tea along the way! To do this, I need to expand the amount of equipment PostTea uses, and offers for sale. We'd need some excellent china, and a couple of great kettles, as well as some further advertising and promotion to get this off the ground!
Please help me develop PostTea even further. Become an armchair Dragon and pledge to support small business!


In January 2013, PostTea was just an idea, a dream. The ability to send 'a cup of tea' through the post to a friend in need, for a celebration, or simply because you can!

On February 1st 2013, PostTea was an award-winning business, chosen over sixty other entrants by Start Up Richmond in their Dragon's Den Pitch Up competition. I only entered on a whim, with nothing to lose, two days before the event, so winning was a complete surprise! Cue mega excitement, but also major trepidation - here I had a business idea the other people thought was great, and viable, but where do you start, what would I need, how would I finance it? I scraped around down the back of the sofa and through the old jeans pockets and found the funds to launch PostTea small scale, to test the waters and see how things go! 

Now we're in June 2013, and PostTea is about to launch online, selling a range of occasions and sentiment based gift boxes, that enable you to send a cup of tea in the post to your friends. An alternative to flowers or chocolates, PostTea celebrate the great British tradition of tea drinking as a both a social occasion and a time honoured tradition. As well as the pre-prepared gift boxes, PostTea also sells quality loose leaf teas, a range of house designed mugs, and teaware items. All the teas we sell are sourced from small British growers and blenders - we are excpetionally proud to be able to included Tregothnan Tea in our Gift Boxes - the only tea grown in England!

This week we recieved the exciting news that PostTea has been selected to feature in Pop Up Britain's new pop up shop in Camberley. The shop is open for just six weeks, and will showcase eighteen of Britain's best small online businesses. We hope that our two week base in Camberley in July will not only launch PostTea into the public eye, but give us a taste of working in a retail environment, and gauging the reactions of the public to our products.

PostTea Meets Pop Up Britain!

As well as selling our current Gift Boxes, Loose Leaf Tea Collection and mug range, we also aim to launch two new boxes - a Loose Leaf Starter Kit, and an Office Desk Pack. These two packs will help further our mission to give quality loose leaf teas the recognition it deserves, by providing the all the right brewing tools to ensure a perfect brew everytime. If we have the right facilities, we'd also like to be able to brew some samples up for customers to try.

In recognition of the gorgeous teas that we build our business on, 10% of all our takings from the pop up shop fortnight (not just in store, but online as well) will be given to the Tea Leaf Trust, a UK based charity that aims to improve the quality of life, reduce poverty and promote ethnic cohesion in the tea-growing regions of Sri Lanka, through wide-ranging educational initiatives. We hope that we will be able to continue to give to the Tea Leaf Trust as PostTea grows, and have pledged to give 10% of our profits every year to the Tea Leaf Trust.


PostTea is a start-up business, run by a team of one, me! It has been set up on a shoestring budget, and PostTea's start up plan doesn't incorporate such a fantastic opportunity as the Pop Up shop. Whilst I can just about afford the rent on the premises and already have a large quantity of stock, I really want to make the most of my time in store, and to do this I need to have the correct visual merchandising, advertising and stock displays so that PostTea not only provides the best products, but also creates a memorable shopping experience. PostTea is not just about buying tea or buying a mug, it's about the tea experience and the great British tea drinking tradition.


This is just my rough guideline:

£200.00 Shelving or display units; £75.00 visual merchandising and advertising the pop up shop; £75.00 correct equipment for brewing sample teas (needs to be Food Safety friendly); £50 POS packaging (e.g. shopping bags for purchases) and £100.00 Contingency fund (there's always something that gets forgotten!!)

I really hope that if we succeed in our fundraising mission, that all our pledgees (is that a word?!) will be able to visit us in Camberley, and experience PostTea for themselves. I know that this probably won't be possible, and so the great range of rewards offered will help you to experience PostTea at home.

As the PostTea website is not yet live, we are best contacted on email: , or you can keep up with all our progress on Facebook, or Twitter. (links below)

Thank you for taking the trouble to stop by and learn about PostTea. Please get in touch if you have any questions, and keep an eye out for future updates! Please remember that we don't receive any money if we do not reach our fundraising goal, but we can go over it! Please spread the word to all your friends, by email and social media so that we can make PostTea's message heard!

Twitter: @PostTeaUK


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