HelpMyFriend Beat Employment  Discrimination

by Nathalie Engebretsen in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

HelpMyFriend Beat Employment  Discrimination
We did it
On 15th September 2019 we successfully raised £80 with 3 supporters in 28 days

Raising Funds for my Friend to finally win her 7 year legal battle against Employment Discrimination, Victimisation and Unfair Dismissal!

by Nathalie Engebretsen in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Her Battle

My friend has been battling a discrimination and human rights case since 2012 (over 7 unbearable years!!) against a very powerful university employer.  She has become ill and her whole life has been destroyed and even her legal status in the UK was revoked as she was brought to the UK by the University who victimised her and not renewed her work permit. 

Her Success

She has finally succeeded in her discrimination and victimisation claims (see below links for articles on her case). 


The case is not over and is now coming for hearing on remedy/compensation but she has used up her savings for hefty legal fees and as her legal status is in limbo in the UK she has no recourse to any public funds either.

Her Urgent Need

She needs to pay lawyer to represent her at the upcoming 5 day hearing in September 2019.  She will get compensation and also asks for award of legal costs from tribunal but that would come later.  She needs the money now.  

Please Help

Please help her and contribute to her legal funds by donating any amount that you can to her legal fund account which is set up specifically for this purpose and also nominate a charity to which you wish your contribution to be paid to after the legal case is over.  

Will Pay Back

When she recovers her compensation and legal costs from the University, she will pay the legal costs that she receives for the the contributions you made to your nominated charities.

Time an Essence

Please help! Time is of the essence as the hearing is only 2.5 weeks away!


I have selected some charities:  Mental Health;  Special Fund for Women in Need of Legal Support, Cancer Research; Alzheimer Research.

Articles on Her Case

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