Confidence to Smile for the World

by James Phoenix in 

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

It's a small and simple project to help my re-gain my confidence to smile, and so grow in my acting career using Clip-On Veneers

by James Phoenix in

It sounds a little selfish, but it has taken me almost 25 years to re-gain a lot of lost confidence after many years of bullying, I was targeted for many reasons, but when I found I had to wear braces I just couldn't face it and so was quick to abandon them, now I am paying the price.

As an actor I use a great deal of self confidence and for the most part I do it well, and I love it, being able to entertain people and take them away from their everyday lives, is a wonderful feeling, but I find that I am limited due to a poor self image, mainly my smile.

I have even turned down a job because they told me I would have to look excited and celebrate, this meant a big open smile, but that was something I just couldn't do, I was so embarrassed by my overlapping teeth, in fact I haven't smiled naturally in photo's for years, and when I do I photoshop my teeth.

I don't have and will probably never have enough money to get surgery, but I have found another way, a firm called INSTAsmile sell a kit that produces clip-on veneers, they look real and have had great reviews, but they are still beyond my budget right now, at just under 400 pounds, I have some fantastic opportunities ahead including a few casting auditions and need to act fairly quickly, which is why I am trying my luck with this personal project.

I don't like asking people for help in this way, but I know I am meant for great things in the entertainment industry, not being big headed, just being positive, so if you can help, please do what you can, even if it means spreading my project in the hope that someone else will.

Thank You

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