Raising money to pay for private medical bills

by Helpless mum. X in Stafford, England, United Kingdom

Raising money to pay for private medical bills


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My teenage daughter desperately needs tests and medication to help her transition safely as NHS provide nothing so we have had to go private

by Helpless mum. X in Stafford, England, United Kingdom

My beautiful teenage daughter suffered in silence for years before severe bullying forced us to he school her. It was then that she opened up to us about being transgender. She was desperately depressed and suicidal and talked of self harm. We were terrified. We went to GP for advice and support however there is nothing the NHS can offer with regards to support young people who need to transition. Puberty began to kick in and my daughter again talked of suicide. We felt hopeless and so went private. So far her medications and tests have cost £1000 every 3 months however now she need to have further tests and changes to medication to continue her journey. Her dad works shifts 6 days a week and I work nights in a secure hospital as well as homeschooling our two teenagers. We have sold our second car and are looking to downsize our mortgage. As they are he schooled we are also having to pay £700 per GCSE to secure their future. We never ask for help however it now feels like a choice between paying for the help she needs or risk loosing her to suicide. Anyone under adult age who feels like they are stuck in the wrong body are completely forgotten about in this country. She physically can't wait for help as she is being flooded with the wrong hormones on a daily basis. We are all terrified and feel so helpless. We are a hard working and loving family and don't receive any government help so asking feels wrong however we are at a loss as to where we are supposed to get the money from to allow our baby to live the happy life she so very deserves. Any help, no matter how small it may seem will make a monumental difference to our family. We truly appreciate you even taking the time to read this. Please, if you feel you are able to, support a young child to be free of the darkness, depression and fear that no child should have to endure. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Helpless Mum. X

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