Helping young girls forced to be much older women

by Christie Chanley in St. Helens, England, United Kingdom

Helping young girls forced to be much older women


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I have seen lots of advertisements recently promoting 'Menopause Awareness Day/Week/Month' which is October 2020. Most of the adverts have p...

by Christie Chanley in St. Helens, England, United Kingdom

I have seen lots of advertisements recently promoting 'Menopause Awareness Day/Week/Month' which is October 2020. Most of the adverts have pictures of middle aged women looking distressed and struggling with the effects the menopause is having on them and most of the written information refers to women in their late 40's to late 50's and offers support to women in this age group. What I don't see and have never seen is support for the women who have and are suffering from Premature Menopause and it really frustrates me that there is next to no support on offer for these women.

I was diagnosed aged 19 with premature ovarian failure (premature menopause) which had been present for the previous 1-2 years. I was told I would never have children and would need medication to support my health and well being for the rest of my life. I was not then and have never since been offered any support to come to terms with this illness despite trying to access help numerous times. I have dealt with serious mental health issues as a result of this reality and have gone through some really dark times. Throughout it all I have still never been given any direct support to help deal with going through the menopause as a teenager. I feel massively let down and have felt very alone in this world with no one who understands and can help me understand. Sadly I can't change the past but hopefully I can do something to help others with the same condition as me. I aim to provide the support and help these women need that I never got but I can't do this on my own. I need the help and expertise of the professionals who know about the medical side of premature menopause and those who can support mental health illness. I want to provide a support facility where these young women can be given the choice to be referred to upon or after diagnosis and at any time in later life if needed where they can spend time in calm and tranquil surroundings in the company of others with the same condition with whom they can talk and support one another with a mutual understanding. Also I would like to set up a website and helpline where advice and information is available to help make sense of their condition and find answers to the many unanswered questions I still have. I want to help those suffering in silence like I have for so long. I was a child being told my body is that of a woman 30 years older than I was and I was left to deal with that alone, I was not able to live with such a big diagnosis at such a young age but I had no choice, there was no help available for me and I hope I can one day say I didn't suffer in vain.

Thank you in advance for your support xxx

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