New Children's Books - Dudley and Peggy

by Clare Luther in London, England, United Kingdom


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Dudley & Peggy help young children explore thoughts and feelings about being bullied and being the bully. Get conversations started early.

by Clare Luther in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

I have written another story in The Little Paws Hotel series about grief, that has been researched and is ready to go.  However, it is not illustrated yet. If I raise extra funds I would love the money to go towards illustrations for the new book and potentially plan to publish it.

Bring Dudley and Peggy to life for ONLY £12 ...

1602163884_h2h_lph_series_front_covers_d_&_p_(1)_(1).jpgThe next two books in The Little Paws Hotel series, Dudley and Peggy, are ready to go to but are not yet published.

By pre-ordering these two books you will enable them to be published in time for National Bullying Week, 16th - 20th November.

The story of Dudley tells of an English sheepdog who is repeatedly being called mean names by another dog (being bullied), and the story of Peggy tells of a wired haired lurcher who is being unkind and frightening other dogs (being the bully). 

To make this a reality I need 450 people willing people to pre-order Dudley and Peggy.

What do you need to do now?

- Pre-order signed copies of Dudley and Peggy for ONLY £12 via the reward button

- help share this link with friends and family to spread the word

Thanks SO much for your support, Clare x

A bit about me and The Little Paws Hotel series:


My name is Clare Luther and I write rhyming children's books that have been beautifully illustrated by Maria Floyd. 

Young children struggle to talk about their thoughts and feelings that are part of their everyday life.  These books are relatable and well researched and they allow children to explore big emotions. I have a background in health care and my passion is to encourage positive emotional wellbeing and mental health in young children by helping to get conversations started early.

Maria and I already have three books published in The Little Paws Hotel series (available to buy online The story of Olive tells of a dachshund who worries about being left at The Little Paws Hotel for the first time (separation anxiety); the story of Gus tells of a labrador who worries about going to the beach (fear of new experiences); and the story of Fig tells of a pug who worries about making mistakes (perfectionism). 

Before going to print all my manuscripts are read by children, parents, care-givers, grandparents, teachers, SEN, clinical psychologists and health care professionals to ensure the language is accessible and the themes are addressed sensitively and accurately. I have seen first hand the positive difference these stories make to young children and those who care for them whether at home or in the education and health sector.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Dudley and Peggy

Two books inc. p&p for ONLY £12 (usually £6.99 + p&p). If you pre-order Dudley and Peggy I will personally sign both books before they get sent to you.

Let's make 'New Children's Books - Dudley and Peggy' happen

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